FORESWORN, The final book in my Sisters of Fate trilogy, just went out to early reviewers. NERVES! This is my first time to publish the final in a series. OMG. NERVES!

(LOL, this is normal. I’ll be okay. 😉 )

It also went out to all the bloggers who signed up for the Fantastic Flying Book Club Tour that starts in a couple of weeks. I’m excited. It’s my first blog tour and I’ve already answered fun interview questions and did a post on the book’s soundtrack.


I’ve always wanted to see who readers would cast in my books. I actually was inspired by an actor to create Vanir in the first book. In the second and third, my inspirations were different. One unknown, that I kick myself for not saving the website I found him on so I could share since I don’t have rights to the pic I saved, and one model. Arun, the hero in FORESWORN is carrying the soul of Freyr, was inspired by the model. Freyr was reputed to be one of the most beautiful of gods after all. But I won’t share yet. I’d like to see how readers imagine him first. 😉 The post with the list of blogs that signed on for the tour should be going up soon and I’ll link.