Lots of Catching Up!

Such a long absence from me on this blog.  I’ve been hard at work on different aspects of my life. In writing, I turned in Raisonne Curse and already went through one round of revisions. My editor has it now for round two.  I’d planned for this book to be longer, but it capped off around 65k to 70k. So, it’s a full length book, but shorter than the original goal. I personally love this length of novel. In fact, I really like this book. I’m usually hard on myself when it comes to my own work, but this one feels good at this point. Can’t beat that. I think you guys are going to love the Bernaux brothers. I hope so. 😉

For now, I’m working on the proposal for Beri O’Dell #3. I honestly could not help putting this book off, and to be brutally honest, I really can’t  afford to be working on it now. The only reason I am is because I love the world, the characters and I do pretty much ADORE the very loyal fans the series has.  But it will still be slow because I have to work on projects that might actually bring in an income for me at the same time.  So many authors have told me that it’s pointless for me to continue a series when it isn’t earning what’s needed. Yeah, I do know this and my family sure as hell knows it, too. Heh. My problem is I fall in love with the worlds and have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of them. So, I try new projects, cross my fingers that this one will sell better and then I can devote time to wrapping up threads on ongoing series. (For my pen name readers who are patiently waiting for the next books in two different series, too. )

Now, don’t think I’m being negative here. I’m not. This is just real life and facts are facts. We have to make a living to buy food and a roof over our heads.  We have to deal with our books being stolen way more than they’re purchased.

Despite all this, I’m honestly in a pretty good place right now. I’ve been battling health issues for a few years but feel I might finally have a handle on them. I’m working out, getting healthy, getting outside–excited to be gardening again. I’m working on a secret project with a good friend and we’re having a blast. Lots of good stuff coming up, so stay tuned!

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