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2015 RT Pics-Dames in the Wild!

I had an absolute blast at the Romantic Times reader convention. Spent most of my time with Deadline Dames, my agent and Jocelynn Drake. Here are some of my favorite pics!

2015-05-13 18.26.04

Jocelynn Drake at the bar where everyone spends a LOT of time.


With Keri Arthur and Jocelynn Drake. We had coffee then went for lunch and waited so long for food, I thought about eating the table. Keri and I have been friends on our Dame loop since 2008 and this was the first time we met in person. We ended up spending a lot of time together. She’s seriously wonderful!


Rachel Vincent and Keri Arthur.



Jenna Black and Keri Arthur.


2015-05-14 14.31.01

Rachel Vincent working hard on copy edits in our hotel room. They were due that Thursday!

2015-05-14 17.17.44

Author Jenny Trout at our Irene Goodman Literary Agency cocktail party. We said she looked like the perfect Coca Cola ad and snapped this great shot.

2015-05-14 17.31.38

This is so dark and author Heather Snow had no idea I was snapping this shot. She is also with the Irene Goodman Literary Agency. I was trying to get a good image of the wall of nudes for the hubby. This bar had a cool sixties bohemian vibe to it. Was called the Midnight Rambler.


Jenna Black and Rachel Vincent the first night at our Deadline Dames meet up. We all ended up spending most of the trip together. Loved that!


Me about to leave for the cocktail party!


With my agent, Miriam Kriss. Got to spend a lot of time with her as well and it was great!

workingWorking hard in the hotel room with Jocelynn Drake. We spent all of Wednesday and part of Thursday plotting like mad women!

2015-05-13 18.55.01

Jocelynn Drake and Rachel Vincent. We had soooo much fun that night at dinner. In fact, Rachel snapped this next one of me and called it “I like gin.” Yeah, I had just said that. <g>


2015-05-13 11.34.32The poster I thought of stealing…



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