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Romantic Times in Dallas and Designing Cards

So, my very wonderful critique partner suggested I come up with something I could give her to put in her books at signings, etc. I’m going to RT next week in Dallas, but can’t actually go to the convention itself. So,  she’s doing signings and wanted to be able to share about my books as well. So I designed some cards. (Fronts and backs below.)

This trip to Dallas next week is a working vacation with Rachel and Jocelynn Drake. Jocelynn and I became friends online because she’s a fan of my pen name work and we really hit it off. She’s also a good friend of Rachel’s, so we’re planning lots of fun! This will be the first time Jocelynn and I get to hang out in person. And… we might do a project together, so we’ll be hanging out around the hotel working.

(BTW, I will also occasionally be tweeting that I’m a specific place and will have signed print copies of DWELLER ON THE THRESHOLD and BLOOD OF AN ANCIENT (And a pen name book) for readers!)

I’m also extremely excited to be hanging out with other Deadline Dames. Jenna Black and Keri Arthur are going as well and we already have dinner planned.  I’ll get to see my agent, Miriam Kriss, too.


I’m thrilled. It’s the first writing related trip I’ve taken in many years. Rachel also made this possible for me. I’m very lucky to have the friends I do. Very. 🙂

So, here are the designs I did. I ordered a LOT of these babies, so others can give them out and I’ll have things I can sign for readers.


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