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I have not been updating my website a lot lately, but I am fully entrenched in the writing world still. A little over a year ago, I decided to jump into a project with author, Jocelynn Drake. We decided to take off on our own for a time and write something we both really wanted to write. The series is called Unbreakable Bonds and it’s MM romantic suspense. The second book in the series, SHATTER, is coming out later this month and already, reviews are coming in. Nice ones! We’re absolutely thrilled that readers are enjoying our guys because we love them like crazy.

Now, these books are hotter than what you’re used to seeing from me. Unless you read my Dani Worth books–but still, maybe even a little hotter. (Though, I thought ORIGIN was pretty damn hot. LOL.) I am really writing something I love here.

So, if this blog seems to be a little stale, check in at http://drakeandelliott.com/. We keep that one pretty updated. We also spend a lot of time on Facebook. We have a page and we also have a private reader’s group just for fans of Unbreakable Bonds and any other series Jocelynn and I decide to work on together. It’s called Unbreakable Readers. It’s a drama free zone where we can feel free to talk about our books, other books and share sexy character inspirations. 😉

And in the meantime, while you wait for SHATTER to release on April 26th, check out the nice reviews coming in!

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