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Story Instincts

Sometimes you have to dump a book if the plot isn’t right. I just had to do that. Thirty thousand words down the drain. But my new plot is better and tighter and I love it more, so it was worth it. But damn, getting rid of all that work is hard. Jocelynn and I […]

Revamped Website

I’m going to try using my website a little more. I pay for the damn thing, so I might as well. LOL. Most of the time, you can find me on Facebook–especially in our reader’s group, Unbreakable Readers. Other than, that I’m more than likely off writing. Jocelynn Drake and I have a hectic schedule […]

Remote Access is Live and in KU!

Remote Access Blackmail turned Lane Becker into a thief at the age of fourteen. After ten miserable years, he’s finally free. To make reparation for his crimes, Lane plans to steal back a priceless Metropolis poster and return it to its rightful owner. But to find it, he has to break into the home of […]

Fortune Cookies & Serendipity

Before the hubby was put on a low low salt diet, we used to order Chinese food every weekend. They always included a lot of fortune cookies, so I started saving them up. Now, we only order once a month—maybe—but I still have all these fortune cookies and open one every week. (Well, I did. […]

Where Did Rinda Go? Big Personal Shar...

This is very long and very revealing story about one person’s journey with mental illness, so you may want to grab a cup of coffee or something. It’s time I shared a story with all the people who have known me for more than ten years because I disappeared offline and I’d like them to […]

4 Days Away Blaze Sneak Peek!

THE EXCITEMENT IN THE DRAKE AND ELLIOTT HOUSE RIGHT NOW IS INTENSE! Yes, Jocelynn and I are feeling it this week. We love our Unbreakable Boys so, so much. And we missed them so, so much. We’d always planned to do a novella and it was actually planned for Lucas and Andrei’s ‘real’ first anniversary […]

Blaze? A New Unbreakable Bonds? Yep!

Pre-order HERE! Releases June 22, 2018 The rings have been selected. The champagne placed on ice. The cake decorated. And the pre-wedding sex is off the charts… Lucas Vallois and Andrei Hadeon are finally ready to walk down the aisle. There’s just one small problem. A ghost from Lucas’s past shows up days before the […]

Sincere Apologies

This is mirrored from the Drake and Elliott blog. I feel just rotten about this so I wanted to make sure the word gets out. ————— Jocelynn and I would like to address our use of an offensive term in Deadly Dorian and apologize for it. This was the first I’d heard the term and […]

New Cover!

I can still mostly be found on Facebook and especially in the reader’s group I share with my co-writer, Jocelynn Drake. It’s called Unbreakable Readers. But our latest is with editors now and it’s up for pre-order. We can’t wait for you to meet Royce and Marc!

These Days You’ll Find Me

Mostly at www.drakeandelliott.com and Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr. Jocelynn Drake and I are now on our second series together–Ward Security–and our latest book come out January 26th!

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