I’m currently republishing these books under my name. They were previously published as Dani Worth–the pen name I used for my erotic novellas and novels when my kids were younger. I’ve actually been publishing these longer than I have books under my full name and the first few were probably shorter than they should have been. But the stories grew. Now, the first three Kithran Regenesis books are in a compilation and the first two Crux Survivor books are as well. Click on the covers to go to Amazon to learn more!

All of these are now in Kindle Unlimited!

After the Crux was nominated by TRR reviewers for Best Erotic Romance – Romantic Science Fiction / Futuristic (2012) at The Romance Reviews!










There are also two free (VERY sexy) short stories that went out in a newsletter, but here are links!

This one is set between After the Crux and Sole Survivors. (1.5)
Free short story Silence and Ghosts (Features Ross, Dorian and Jenna.) (Warning: I was WAY too excited when I sent this out and didn’t let it sit for a time for an edit. Could have used a polish-but Ross and Dorian scorch things up enough to hopefully overshadow that.)

And this one set between Replicant and Catalyst. (2.5)
Mutiny-free short story featuring characters from Kithra


“I love Rinda’s (AKA Dani Worth) Kithra series.  LOVE THEM! They are sexy and fun and heart-breaking and lovely.  And at the core of them, it’s the simple and beautiful idea that love is love. And when the world is falling apart, love really is all that matters.” Jocelynn Drake


I love, love, love this series (Crux Survivors) by Dani Worth. It’s real post-apocalyptic goodness. Just picture Walking Dead with all the great character development and gripping survival stories but without the zombies. Fun full 5 star review here.


“You know when you’re in one of those awful reading funks where nothing sounds good and everything quickly becomes boring? Well, I recommend this series as the perfect remedy to smack you right off that funk train. Sensually enticing, heart wrenching feels, luscious three-way loving, all topped with intergalactic intrigue! *SMACK* You’re welcome. ;)” 4.5 stars from Melissa’s Review. (Read full VERY fun review of ORIGIN HERE. I especially love the updates while she was reading. Scroll down.)


Worth’s Kithran Regenesis series continues to provide me adventure, space, daring piloting, mystery, vivid scenery and characters, and some rather hot relationships. I can’t wait to see what comes next.” (Full A review from The Bookpushers HERE.)


CATALYST “This is the third installment (and hopefully NOT the last) of the Kithran Regenesis Series. Each one of these book has gotten better and better, so I can only imagine how good the 4th one will be.” Lee from My Secret Romance Reviews. Full review of all three Kithran books to come! Catalyst review on Goodreads here. )

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