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December 30, 2005 RindaElliott 0

So, today I’m sitting in Barnes and Noble, writing in this cute little 1.99 notebook I’d just bought along with what looks like three really […]

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A Little Behind

December 13, 2005 RindaElliott 0

Sorry for the lack of updated posts. My computer kept crashing and when I added up the time I spent every single day repairing it […]

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Anger Writing

December 9, 2005 RindaElliott 0

I have The Writer’s Idea Book by Jack Heffron and in one chapter, “Don’t Get Me Started,” he gives prompts for anger writing. Yeah! Get […]

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More on Description

December 2, 2005 RindaElliott 0

This was going to be a fascinating, intelligent discussion on the contradiction of the term “objective reality” but I got distracted. I opened the newest […]