Sorry for the lack of updated posts. My computer kept crashing and when I added up the time I spent every single day repairing it before I could write or get on the Internet, I realized I could have rivaled Nora for top billing by now.

So, I got up the courage and bought a new system today. Bought the top system I wanted, so I’m still using my old CRT monitor. One of those sexy, flat screens is next on the list.

The speed is AMAZING!!!!!!!! I had kicked up my old computer, rebuilding and adding and tweaking but it was still over seven years old. This thing just zips up a web page in a second. I haven’t even tried any music yet and I got the Windows media package so I’m all about excitement right now.

What I’m currently listening to? Al Pacino in Scarface because the hubby has it up TOO LOUD and I’m too enamored of my system to get my lazy ass over to the office door.

Got in some of my Twisted Fanatics items today and they look great! Check them out!
Twisted Fanatics :
See the kid’s hoody at the bottom? Made that especially for my son for Christmas, but the original was for my good friend, Christy, whose anime/manga habits boggle the mind! Of course, she did introduce me to Saiyuki… That’s Sanzo up there with the gun.

Gotta love those boys.

Funny how Al Pacino can sound sexy normally, but NOT in this movie. Now, maybe if it was Sanzo above… ” Say hello to my little friend. “