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Dirty Santa Outlaw Style

Well, when I agreed to take on my RWA chapter Christmas party in my home, little did I know that a bloodthirsty book frenzy would change this friendly group into backstabbing thieves.

My friend, Betty Sanders, who had number 11 in our Dirty Santa game, drew first blood. She stole and after that, everyone kept stealing from her. Then each other. Even Georgina Gentry ( Georgina Gentry – Romance Author ), who insisted no one would steal from a little old lady, was robbed. (Don’t let her words fool you. She hasn’t changed a bit in the ten or eleven years I’ve known her and she can be just as ornery as the next person.) Pretty soon any book left on the table was ignored as books just went from hand to hand…

I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

And yeah, I fell for Jill’s ( Jill Monroe’s Blog ) sweet face when she felt guilty for talking Gena ( Gena Showalter’s Weblog ) into taking a book from our newest member, Dana( Diary of an aspiring romance writer.) I fell for it. Briefly. After all, as she’s quick to point out, people trust a person with dimples. Then Gena stood up and announced that Jill had everyone fooled and was a closet bitch.

Heh heh

As I stood there watching these people I’ve known for years, I realized what a joy it can be to be in a room full of romance writers.

We made the daughter of one read a very er, naughty line from an advice book on women for men, her face more red than the gaudy, fluffy stocking hanging from the fireplace next to her head.

We made Merline Lovelace merlinelovelace.com feel bad for being the first to cut into the most beautiful chocolate cake another of our new members, Sarah, had made. It was shaped in the form of a book with golden pages and said romance on the top with OKRWA on the side. And even though it was hard to cut into, it was sooo freaking worth it. That woman knows how to make cake!!

We did get a few members tipsy on my homemade Green Apple Riesling and Pinot. (grin) And no, I don’t make wine in my bathtub!

Several members went on the small hike in my back yard, through the trees, to the small historical gravesite, then promptly told me they needed better headstones. Plot ideas flew around the room to explain why these two people were buried in my backyard, one being that maybe my entire house is on a big cemetery. Thanks ladies.

And as usual, we missed our members who were unable to make it, some due to family gatherings, some to the sloppy roads.

But it was a warm, wonderful and highly amusing gathering. Learn more about the Oklahoma Romance Writers here.
Oklahoma Romance Writers of America: OKRWA – Home of the OK Outlaws .

And we also have a blog still in the works, but there are a few new releases up. Check back for monthly updates! OK Corral Newsletter


  1. December 19, 2005    

    Even though Gena stole my book, under the advice of closet bitch Jill (hehe), she gave it to me after the Dirty Santa. I walked away with two books from the lovely Merlene!

    Thanks again for hosting the party. I think Donnell and I want to move in. ;P

  2. December 19, 2005    

    Let me just get the stuff out of the hubby’s office first. That Donnell’s been after me for years. (grin)

  3. December 20, 2005    

    I’m sorry I missed it. Really, really sorry. I can’t believe I have to wait another year to see you all drunk!

  4. December 22, 2005    

    Luckily, no one got to that point. (grin) Maybe a couple were tipsy… but everyone was friendly, so it was all good.

  5. December 26, 2005    

    Sounds like a fabulous party, Rinda! – lol. Hope you and yours had a great holiday.

  6. Betty S Betty S
    December 29, 2005    

    Of course, some members were bullied, picked on and stolen from by the others. (Not that I’m naming names.)

    Betty S

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