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It’s All About the Music Today!

Today, I’m working on the house and playing some of my fave CDs. I have one of those nifty speaker systems that is built into every room so I can listen anywhere. It’s up loud. Yeah.

You will come to find upon further visits to my blog, that my taste in music is all over the place. Sometimes hard, sometimes mellow, sometimes instrumental — not all will appeal to everyone, but it’s always worth it to find someone new you like.

First off is Sarah Fimm’s A Perfect Dream. Whenever I have company and this is playing, I’m always asked when Sarah McLachlan released this one. I can see the resemblance, but Sarah Fimm is well, different. I’m listening to Virus right now. Go here, sarah fimm

Click on the music tab, go down to the CD, A Perfect Dream, and click on virus. Listen to the whole thing — it changes style in the middle, then builds. Here are the lyrics
words & music by Sarah Fimm
Everyday she wallows in her dream

Pacing back and forth with nothing in between
The devastated girl has given up.
The boy has fallen to the feet of luck,
But tells her with a slight smile
It’s just a virus
She laid on him
And I can’t touch it
It’s buried in
And its all for nothing
This web of you
Is just a cycle of abuse.
Since you said its fine I might believe.
Dirty girls are easy to deceive
A penny for your thoughts
Or just to take your clothes off
I’d rather dull the pain
Than stand out in the rain
To catch the Virus
That seems to be
The undercurrent of my insanity
The lowest layer that has been fused
Beneath my cycle of abuse
It’s just a virus
He says to me
It’s not quite the prison you make it out to be
Too bad you’re dying, too bad but true
As is this cycle of you.

I stumbled upon Sarah Fimm when MP3.com was this fantastic site to find new music. I hunted down and bought more CDs off that site than anywhere. It’s gone and I want it back!

The song that hooked me on Fimm was Be Like Water- the uncensored version. (grin) I like this lady’s style. This bit of lyrics is toward the end and the emotion in her voice will get to you:

I’m not your slave
I’m not the one who burnt you out
fu**ed you up and put you on
broke you down
ask someone else to be that someone
I can’t be that someone who can
Be like Water
Why can’t I be the answer you want?

In the rotation is also Anathema’s A Fine Day to Exit. I can’t believe this band started out as death metal. Seriously. If you listen to them these days you think more atmospheric and moody. They have such a unique sound. I don’t care what you call them. I like them. I have the last four CDs and sometimes I put them all in and let that lush, lovely music just fill the house.
Barnes & Noble.com Music – A Fine Day to Exit — Anathema – CD
Barnes & Noble.com Music – A Natural Disaster — Anathema – CD

To shorten this entry, I’ll be quick on the last two. The Amber Light’s Goodbye to Dusk,Farewell to Dawn.
CD Baby: THE AMBER LIGHT: Goodbye To Dusk Farewell to Dawn
I wish Tartaros didn’t cut off there! If you have the time, give this CD more of a listen. Very mellow and I can’t believe how young these guys are!

And last but not least, something completely different. Chris and Kate’s O Witness. Do me a favor, listen to #3 Never Done. I have the site with the video if you want to see. Hard to believe such a powerful voice comes from such a small, pretty lady.

Always take the time to enjoy music!

Update: I noticed that on CD Baby’s site, O Witness has a mistake on Walk the Lake– that’s not the song. If you want to hear this very upbeat song, there’s a video on their official site. Click on the “here” under mp3s…
Chris Brown and Kate Fenner


  1. December 8, 2005    

    I may have to check out this Sara Fimm. I like her lyrics.

  2. December 8, 2005    

    The link to her name will take you to the website where you can listen to the songs I talked about. She’s pretty good.

    I’ll always try to attach at least one link so people can try out the music for themselves.

    Hope you like!

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