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I learned an important lesson about research today. Here I was writing this fantastic fight scene between my hero and what I thought was a kind of werewolf demon called a Leyak. The book I was using gave it the perfect description for what I needed– something scary.

In the middle of the battle, I stop to do a little further research online and learn my Leyak is something else entirely — a floating head with entrails — and it feeds on newborns.


So, it was back to the drawing board.

Tip: Research your demon “before” you write a kick-ass fight scene.

I am, however, having a little bit of trouble in other areas. This is horror with a little romance thrown in because well, Nikolos is just plain hot. But it’s a scary book, or maybe closer to urban fantasy. Problem is, in between the fighting and magic, my heroine keeps popping off. It’s funny stuff, too. Just don’t know if a little humor can fly in what’s pretty much a dark book. I’ve got a killer villain that just might keep me up at night and she wants to bait him. I’m just going to keep working on it as is and see how it turns out. I don’t want to weight her down too much now in the roughdraft. She’s stubborn enough to just shut up altogether.

In other news, I added more designs to the Write Snark store and shuffled things around so the main page didn’t have sooo much on it. Made a couple of extras sections and added funny, headless designs like these…

Can you tell I was feeling snarky today?

I also have music recos, but the formatting is giving me fits and I don’t have time to do this all in html. I’m off to meet with the school to discuss my daughter’s highschool class choices. HIGHSCHOOL!

Still, this is way better than the call I got from my son’s elementary school today. He wasn’t in trouble this time, his teacher said. She just wanted me to know that he had stuck two halves of an entire orange in his mouth at lunch and ended up nearly choking to death. One of the ladies in the cafeteria knew the Heimlich. This child…

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