How My Children See Me

I needed a new profile picture because the old one was too dark and someone out there… you know who you are… said I was hiding.

So I thought this one would be perfect. (g) But as you’ll notice, I put up a really smart-assed one instead. There ya go sweetie. Here’s the office without me in it. It’s only one room of books…
And I tidy up by placing things behind that chair. You can tell my cat sleeps in that chair.  A lot…. and uh, where is that lint roller?  The wallpaper was not my idea. Came with the house. Someday, I’ll fix. But check out the typewriter! It’s old, in perfect condition and I found it with its original cover at an estate sale for $7.00!

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  1. Betty, I know you have that many books. I’ll have to post about the ghosts as soon as I dig up the info on the other backyard resident.(g)

    I was just showing the mess I work in because a few authors have been sharing their writing space. The typewriter was just a great find — something most writers would understand. All non-writers to come into my office asked why I spent any money on it. heh heh

  2. Actually, that bookcase looks inviting, and I’m fantasizing about what titles I might find there.

    Funny. I used to fantasize about sex and money.

  3. I would probably stand my non-violent self at my front door with a shotgun before I would show someone my chaotic writing space. Jeez. It would blow my whole image!
    Or maybe not… 🙁

    “I love a good ghost story, by the way,” she said with a hopeful grin on her face.

  4. This picture was taken to document the unusual orderliness of the room. I must confess that earlier in the day my mother came by (yesterday was my birthday) and I saw her eyes widen at the mess. When I’m working, there are things everywhere.

    You know how you take a picture to see something through another’s eyes? I did that and couldn’t believe what I’d let this office become. I should put up the “real” picture. I do this. Let it go– I can shut the door and the room is mine alone. Then I’ll wake up and haul out everything, organize the papers. Doesn’t stay like this long.

    X-Dell– we may fantasize about books a lot, but we’re all still alive… don’t give up on sex and money just yet. heh heh

  5. There’s a patch of history in my backyard. The Oklahoma Historical Society owns it. It’s two graves. Annie Riddle Penry who died in 1912 at the age of 24 and Louis Morris who died in 1890 at the same age. We have no idea why they are buried here and trying to discover the mystery is on my list of things to do.

    We did find Annie on the 1910 census– she was married to a man named Henry Penry.

  6. Interesting. Only two graves? Doesn’t seem like an actual cemetary was in that spot. And if there were anything unusual about how Morris and Penry died, the local paper would most likely have covered it. Yet, if the Historical Society is interested in preserving their graves, they must have a reason. Otherwise, the county or town might have reinterred them somewhere else (after all, their burial seems like it might violate zoning laws).

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  7. You know the other day I was watching the disney chanel with the kids and saw Hanna Montana and said, “Hey, that’s Rinda as a kid!”

    That is odd that the two graves hold people who died at the same age. And she married Henry Penry? Good gravy. Poor guy. hehe

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