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Quick Note

I would love to see someone write a short scene for this picture. (g)

Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that Rachel has given me the next challenge topic. She did a couple of days ago actually. I won’t be able to get it up as fast as I’d hoped with this crazy filled weekend — but I’ll warn you. It’s a doozy. It’s also still percolating in the old head so I can do it justice. Have some wickedly fun ideas on it…

Also, my husband told me what he thinks is the best job in the whole wide world.

Painting bathing suits like this one onto women. It’s paint. That’s it.


  1. April 29, 2006    

    Men… they crack me up.

    A story idea did pop up with the hands coming out of the water…

  2. April 29, 2006    

    Here’s the last line of the story:

    And as the ancient mythic Hippie slipped into the icy oblivion of the water, he flashed the peace sign one last time.

  3. April 30, 2006    

    That is a good one.

    I thought the fantasy jobs to top the list for men would be gynecologist or mammographer.

  4. April 30, 2006    

    I think the book squishing would make them squeamish. Hell, it makes me squeamish! This one might win over those because I bet only women with bodies like the one above would walk around naked in paint. heh heh

    Ancient mythic hippie. Like the giant God of hairy hands and tie die? LOL!

    I just slipped on a sec. Got a lot… and I mean a LOT, of people coming to my house for a last minute party so there will be no writing yet. Besides, Rachel got me good. It’s nearly a book coming out of this plot…

  5. April 30, 2006    

    Rachel is known to be a bit wordy. I guess that transferred to you. hehe

  6. April 30, 2006    

    Hey there…I am the “neighborhood newbie” right now, so I am just browsing around all the blogs I can find and commenting on the ones that intrest me.

    [I have copy and pasted that onto about a million blogs in the last hour or so…]

    Anyways, I found from the “Dishing the Dirt” blog. [I wrote that ridiculous drivers license/CD Player story a while back]…

    To be totally blunt, I am looking for some cool/intresting people who can keep me entertained.

    You seem like one of those people. So maybe, just maybe, we can become “blog buddies!”.

    That was way too over-produced.

    And, before I go any further…yes, your husband is definitely on to something with those painted bikinis.

    What have you written that I might have read?

  7. May 1, 2006    

    This post has been removed by the author.

  8. May 1, 2006    

    Uh first of all, that was supposed to be boob squishing above. Not book squishing– though that would make me squeamish, too.

    Hi Rayke. I enjoyed the CD story very much!

    What you might have read… Well, I’m new to publishing byline work. But I’ve recently published a short, horror piece in Surreal Magazine. I’ve published writing articles in various publications– several recently in the OWFI report. Published a couple of short romance things and a poem or two in the past. You may have read one of my many confession type short stories in the past as well, but my name wasn’t on them because believe it or not, some people think those are true…

    Hope you have a good time here! Gets crazy sometimes! Since today I’m working on Rachel’s answer to my topic challenge, things should get interesting…

  9. May 1, 2006    

    Here’s a short story:

    Jacob Blackhand bathed twice a week in a modest-sized cement tub. But one day, after lying down on his back and letting the warm, soapy water bury his chest and face, Jake emerged to find that the rest of world had shrunk.

    Worst yet, he was no longer in his white-tile and porcelain bathroom. Somebody had demolished his house. Instead of the cozy privacy of his privy, he was now in the middle of what seemed to be a park.

    He climbed out of the tub, before he realized he didn’t have anything on. Wouldn’t you know, one of the city’s finest arrested him for public indecency. Fortunately, the cops didn’t have a jail cell large enough to keep him, so they gave him a $75 summons, and sent him on his way. They found a few canvas tents and a parachute in storage, and these sufficed for clothes.

    Jake viewed the tent and the chute as temporary attire only. But many of the trendier sort dug the look. Soon canvas and silk became the rage.

    Knowing an opportunity when it reared its head, Jake opened up a haberdashery specializing in just this sort of haberdash. He found an article on a blog called the 23rd-Mandalation written by someone named Rinda Elliot about tall women, and found himself a wife (who secretly confessed to being a distemperate Nordic goddess in a previous incarnation).

    They lived happily ever after–or, at least, reasonably so.

  10. May 1, 2006    

    ROFL!!! Good one! I love how he started a new clothing fad.

    This is too fun. We may have to do this once a week.

    I caved myself. Will post mine and all the ones people submit in a separate post with the photo. (g)

  11. May 1, 2006    

    That painted bikini is, well, impressive I guess might be a good word. At least, I don’t think I would have noticed that it was just paint if you hadn’t pointed it out.

    And as for that first photo:
    After spending the entire morning working on the script for his new film, Kong For Prez, Kong decided to head over to the Hudson for a little swim. He hung lazily from the embankment, dreaming of his lovely Jane. As he moved to pull himself out, he caught sight of a fetching young orangutan. He had never seen such beauty before. That firey red hair, that magical smile… But wait. No. He was with Jane…

  12. May 1, 2006    

    Laura, mine is about Kong, too. heh heh
    “Were you high?”

    Willy shook his head.

    “Sick? Like flu sick?” Mark eyed the crater-deep footprint. “Like really, really bad flu sick?”

    Willy bit his lip, lifting his hands palm up. “No, nothing like that.”

    Mark looked for something, anything, to suggest this small, skinny and pale man harnessed power like this. There was nothing. Willy was a man people passed on the street. A blender.

    Which until now, made him the perfect re-animator.

    Too bad. Willy’s life was about to explode into more chaos than his absentminded personality could handle. “What are you going to do?”

    Willy just shook his head again, long greasy hair swinging stiffly.

    Mark rolled his eyes. He grabbed the other man by the shoulders and shook him. “Snap out of it! Find a place in your brain that works faster than a slug and think! You raising a handful of human zombies last night was one thing… but f*cking King Kong?”

  13. May 1, 2006    

    OMG!!! I can’t believe it finally let me in. Ben always wanted to see me in one of those painted on suites. You guys have seen my hefty bod. I would have to dress up as a watermellon.

    Story Line: (Loved Kelli’s)
    It should have been a simple baptism. Dunk. Say a few proper words. Come up for air. When Harry emerged, the chorus of the faithful had vanished. Was this Heaven? he wondered. But as he looked around he began to suspect something had gone terribly awry.

  14. May 1, 2006    

    I was told to come here and post my own twist on this picture you have posted…Mine is a little less “original” and a little more “retarded”…But it’s the first thing that popped into my head:

    Joseph is taking a tour of his new neighborhood. He is being assisted by a ditzy teenage woman, Bianca, who just sold her deceased parents house to Joseph.

    “This the park. Duh! [Ditzy laugh]. Do you have any kids??”…asked Bianca.

    “Umm. No. Said Joseph. But I like the pond. I could get some good inspiration for some new material here.”

    “Uh. Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Anyways, People like to come here and…”

    Joseph lost his train of thought as he looked back over at the pond. A pair of hulking, dark, hands emerged from the water. A giant creature unlike anything he had ever seen pulled itself out of the water, and stood for a second. No one had seemed to notice. Almost as if it happened regularly…

    “Umm. HELLO?! Mr. Inspiration! Right here! I am trying to tell you about the raddest malls we got around here!”…Bianca rudly cut in.

    “What…What the hell is that??”

    “Oh. You don’t recognize her?”

    Joseph shakes his head as the crature walks away.

    “Oh come on! What are you, a communist or something?!”…Bianca announces.

    Joseph looked at her awkwardly. Knowing that her comment made no sense whatsoever.

    “Star Jones, DUH! She lives around here and likes to swim in that cesspool of a pond. Gawd. You are sheltered…”

    Joseph was put at ease.

  15. May 2, 2006    

    I don’t know about once a week, Rinda, but every now and then would be fun. Kelli’s mystic hippie was a fun, so was “Kong for Prez.”

    I would have enjoyed Rayke’s story a little more had the celebrity been someone other than Star Jones. Frankly, I don’t think she’s that big a star.

    Looking at the reclining woman, I’d have to use my imagination to actually see that as paint, for whoever did that put in all the three dimensional cues that make this look like a real bathing suit (the strings, for example).

    BTW, Betty, don’t know watermellons. They’re good to eat, you know.

  16. May 2, 2006    

    I don’t think she’s that big a star.


  17. May 2, 2006    


    Eating is good.

    (God, I can’t believe I said that.)

  18. May 2, 2006    

    Betty. (wg) There’s a reason I’m nuts about you.

  19. December 8, 2006    

    Cool guestbook!!!—yes viagra-pharma

  20. Hdklfjsd Hdklfjsd
    March 27, 2007    

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