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Scene From A Pic– Snarky Reader Style!

It’s time to post the results from the last Scene From a Pic! For those new to the Snark, I post a compelling photo and have the readers write. Everyone is welcome to join. Write one line, a scene… a plot. The point is to let your creativity lose and share whatever comes to mind when you look at thos picture.

My only rule is to have fun!
Every ten days or so, I post the writing results (you can also email your piece to RElliott4@aol.com) as well as a link to that reader’s blog and a new writing challege photo. The new photo for our challenge is at the end of this post! Enjoy. 🙂

The last photo challenge pic.

Dana Pollard from Diary of an Aspiring Romance Writer wrote:

The artist hated her work of beaches. Hated it so much she scrubbed it til she found a ship buried behind her canvas.

Betty from Dishin’ the Dirt with my Friends wrote:

The problem with a closed mind is, when you peal back the bony surface of the skull, all you’ll find is a brick wall.

Heather Harper from Open The Way wrote:

I begged my husband to ask the attendant for directions.

His reply, “How hard can it be to follow the yellow brick road?”

Between setting the stations on Sirius and waiting for a camel to cross the road, we end up here.

Those do not look like yellow fucking bricks to me.

If only men would ask for directions. Sheeshh!

Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza wrote:

It suddenly became clear at President Bush’s autopsy what everyone had suspected all along. The man had a closed mind afterall.

Jo Smith from Jo’s Place wrote:

As I walked along the path along the deserted highway I began to feel a presence near me.

I continued to walk along the familiar path but I couldn’t shake the feeling of someone very near. Yet no one was within my vision in any direction.

Then I heard it. A voice, low and intense, calling me.

Juwesat, I heard it clearly and new the voice was calling me. But how could I know that? My name is Dianne.


I heard it again and knew without a doubt it was me the voice was calling.

I kept walking hearing the voice again and again call. Each time it was louder and clearer.

Suddenly a place shinned and gleamed as the sun beams danced across the smooth icy looking area.

I stopped and stood as if I had been turned to stone. The voice called to me

“Juwesat, come to me, my true love. Don’t be afraid.”

I began to feel alive again and all the fear inside me left like a stream of vapor floating above my head.

I came closer to the intriguing place. I saw as I got nearer, a wall of bricks. It looked as if it went under the highway and down into the earth.

“Juwesat, my love, I’m here. Come to me.”

Glittering like a polished diamond the place seemed to come alive.

“Where are you, where am I supposed to find you?”

“I’m here, close your eyes and step into the shining shield before you. I will be here. Don’t be afraid I’ve told them you are coming and they will allow you to pass through the shield and brick wall and will guide you to me

Who are you? Why do I know I’m Juwesat when my name is Dianne? Where will this take me and can I come back here?”

“My love, you belong here. You are in an alien place. This is your home. We were lovers before and now I have found you again. Trust what you feel. You know this is the right thing. Now come to me.

“I stood a long time staring at the gleaming door way to my future, love, happiness; or hell!”

My eyes couldn’t and didn’t want to leave the place the voice came from.

“Juwesat, my love.”

A strange mist rose from the shinning glass like shield. It rose slowly and was, in what seemed like a very long time, a shape taller than me.

I stood very still, not wanting to move, as the strange form began to enfold me. I felt love and desire as I had never felt it before. I felt beautiful and praised and valued.

“What is this?”

I felt as if all the clothes had disappeared and I stood with only skin and hair on my body.

I felt strong arms, but not exactly arms circle around me. My breasts were hard and round from passion and felt pressed hard against a warm furry surface.

A hand slid down my side across the half circle of my harden breast, down my side, hip, and to the bend where my thigh joins my leg.

The hand hesitated a moment and slid to the bed of hair where passion is lord. I could not breath for the throws of desire running up through my body and then over taking my mind.

The vapor pulled away from me and the voice began to speak.

“I can stay no longer my love. Come, follow me. Come be with me forever.”

The smoke-like form began to slip into the glittering shield.

“Don’t go,” my mind screamed.

But it was gone.

“Come to me”, the voice called.”

What do I do, trust that all this is real and step into the place? But what if it is only my imagination? What if I step out and it is only ice or something else slick and I slip and fall? What if someone sees me? They will think I’m crazy.”

The time to make a decision is here.

“What should I do?”

Laura from Mad Below My Feet wrote:

“See. I told you this is where we left it.”

“Freakin’ sand storms…So what do we do know?”

“I dunno. We could move back in. I mean, it is our house.”

And I played this week:

Ronni knelt in the thick layer of wet dirt, her boot heels sinking, leather pants creaking at the knees. Touching a finger to the exposed brick, she glanced up at her partner. “All these years, Tak. All these years and it was here the whole time. Under us.”

Tak didn’t take his eyes from the answer to their long search. Face pale, he shook his head slightly. A crooked, self-depreciating smile played over his lips. “Well, we wouldn’t have seen so much of this world. Think of it that way.”

“This world is a cesspit and you know it. We’ve wasted too much of our lives here.”

“I prefer to think it’s been an adventure.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Tak, these people hate us.”

He tucked a strand of long, black hair behind his ear. “They hate anything different. They don’t know any better. You know as well as I do that this place is founded on paranoid religion and bigotry– things taught from birth. We can’t hold that against them.”

She stood and pointed a finger in his face, knowing he hated that. Anger instantly sparked red in his amber eyes. In the beginning, the reaches of his power terrified her, yet held her in awe. Now, she knew the man. Knew he could pull a black fury from the depths of his soul like nothing she’d ever seen. But she also knew of the compassion that ruled that basic trait with an iron hand. “I hold it against them, Tak. I hate being here and knowing at any time they might learn of your true nature. I hate knowing they’ll kill you without a second thought– without remorse.” Her voice broke on the last word.

He placed his palm over her cheek. Love and warmth poured from his hand to bathe away her anger. She closed her eyes and put both her hands over his to hold it close. She let him soothe her as she had so many times during their search. Pulling away, she looked down at the brick wall underneath the dirt.

A shimmering substance coated the rough surface. She recognized the spell of protection and camouflage. They could only see it because of her presence.

She was no more like the people of this world than Tak.

And here is the next writing challenge Photo. Another challenging one!

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  1. August 1, 2006    

    Hi Rinda, this is an awesome concept! I’d love to write something and be part of it, but not clear on how to submit it to you?

  2. August 1, 2006    

    Rinda, this boy looks like one of those tribal man-children who have to go through a series of rights to prove their manhood. He doesn’t look very happy about it, does he? Maybe he’s wondering why he can’t just join a gang and get it over with…

    p.s. I love how you took away those god-awful codes to log it!

  3. August 1, 2006    

    Hi Photo a Day! Welcome to the Snark. You can either put it here in the comment section or you can email it directly to me and then it will be new to the readers when it’s posted. Either way, it’s a terrific way to get your creativity loose. 🙂

    Nah, he doesn’t look to happy, Bellezza. I thought about putting some jazz there to really throw people out of whack and make them look at it differently. (g)

    I hated those codes but they did cut down on spam here. We’ll see how it goes– if a lot of computer generated sales things end up here, I’ll put it back, but I hope I don’t have to.

  4. August 1, 2006    

    You should use spam poison, Rinda.

    That’s what I’m using. Just click on the link on my blog and follow the directions. I got mine from Bonnie.

  5. August 2, 2006    


    I love my cups. One was chipped and I called the number on the website, WOW she couldn’t have been sweeter. She put a replacement in the mail soon as I called.

    About the photo

    . . .if I were culling he would not be a keeper.

    Sorry Kid, I like a full blown Man

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