I’m not a cowboy, but I am an outlaw. Look at us goofs. We actually had a small turnout for the the Oklahoma Romance writers In August, but the lady in the purple cowboy hat on the bottom brought a bunch of extra hats for our photo. She writes as Georgina Gentry and her specialty? Western Historical Romances. (g)

You can find us at www.okrwa.com ! The website was just updated by our webmistress Kelli McBride and it looks fantastic!

Some of us don’t do westerns. My current WIP is in Jacksonville. Why I set it so far away when I can’t personally research the place is a good question. Yesterday, I needed to know what kind of front door the Jacksonville Hospital has. Then I couldn’t find the Jacksonville Hospital on the net. I found several, but I couldn’t figure out which one would be the biggest, the busiest– the place they’d take cops. And no pics! I need to know how many floors, if the emergency room is a fairly good size… Bah.

I tried to do a contemporary ranch book once. I suppose that could count as a western. It had a murder mystery and the sexiest half Cherokee/half Irish US Marshal ever. I wrote four chapters, entered it into contests where it won and then I tanked because I had to poison an entire herd of cattle. Jeez. I couldn’t do it then in fiction, but I probably could now. (I’m way more ruthless as a writer now (wg) ) Think I should rewrite it? There was a seriously nasty villain and two other half Cherokee/half Irish brothers… I think if I made the heroine something other than a vet, it would have been easier for me to finish. The woman was tiny and I had her as a large animal vet????

No, most of my books are more urban. My last one was a computer hacker for the government. I’ve written about corporate raiders, musicians, mechanics, chemists… That’s one of the best things about being a writer. We may not get the chance to be all these interesting things, but for a little while we can write in the heads of characters who do.

Now, about this picture… That’s me in the back row, beige hat on the left. I’d say second since we have three rows, but it looks more like I’m fourth. But I’m pretty tall, I have glasses and that huge grin is because I just grabbed Dana’s butt. She’s bending over in front of me in pink. Why do do you think she’s wearing that big smile? LOL!