Pulled out some older CDs for fun today while working. The first was Donald Fagen. Some people are going “Who?” (Steely Dan might ring a bell or two. )

I’d forgotten how much I liked a couple of his CDs from the eighties. When I went to look up the videos to my two favs– Tomorrow’s Girls and New Frontier, I came across a bunch of fun, 80s videos. Thought I’d give you guys a trip down memory lane– well, those of you old enough to remember the 80s.

And speaking of that decade, I have to share. My daughter’s highschool principal was going over the dress code in their auditorium and started talking about flip flops… only like me, she’s a child of the 80s and we called them thongs. Tip: Don’t call shoes thongs around today’s teenagers…. That poor lady.

Here are the videos. The Post title inspiration came from the last video which will pull up when you click on the link. Have fun!

1st Donald Fagen.

And this one? I asked my husband if he remembered this video once and he just said, “Legs.”