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House Rules!

Hey.  A pun.

I’m actually talking about the show, House.  Last night, I laughed and cried.  I swear the writing on that show is fantastic.  So is Hugh Laurie.  (You can’t stop our love! LOL!)  I look forward to my Tuesdays with House and yeah, I know people are excited about the World Series but weeks without my House fix?  Sucks.

I wrote past midnight last night.  A little fact about this writer’s life is –I struggle with fight scenes and in the types of books I like to read and er, write, they are a necessary evil.  Whenever I hit a chapter that requires one, I procrastinate.  A lot. 

But last night, I won the battle.  I had written the scene and still didn’t like it, so I scrapped it.  (I know, Rachel, I know!)  But no worries, sometimes the best thing a writer can do is write the crap down, discard it and start fresh.  And this stuff felt soooo much better than the piles of crap that spilled from my fingers over the last week. 

It went so well, I moved beyond and found a better transition for the next chapter.  Maybe I’ll meet my goal this year after all!!! 

In store news, Heather is a sweetie.  I think she may be responsible for more traffic to the Write Snark than all those ads I used to buy.  Note the used to…

I backed off to see if maybe word of mouth would work a little while.  I’m always following links from the store back to their origins and I love nothing better than to see discussions about the different shirts, mugs and stuff on message boards. 

My newsletter subscribers doubled and I plan to make the mailings every couple of weeks to share specials.  Check out the store for the Halloween special!  

I hope the newsletter amuses.   And speaking of amuse… I loaded new bumper stickers this morning. Here are a few of them.

bumperworlds.png Mine Have Better Drivers Bumper

befriendbumpet.png Be My Friend! Bumper

writerstarebumpter.png Love My Rear View Mirror Bumper

thinkerbumper.png Brain Muscle Good Bumper

And this one is rude, but I love it.   Made one for Kings, too!

queenspoon.png Ratently Blude Bumper

Oh yes, I did say I’d put up the writing from Scene From a Pic.  I lied.  I’ll load it tomorrow.  I haven’t found just the right picture to inspire my Snarky readers yet!


  1. September 27, 2006    

    I like the writers stare at people sticker.

    I do that. Because I’m a writer and because I have ADD. I tend to zone out a lot. It’s emberassing.

  2. September 27, 2006    

    And I can’t spell. Sign me up for the spoonerisms. 😉

  3. September 27, 2006    

    Cool bumper stickers, but I’m afraid I’m looking forward to the Series more than House Sorry.

  4. September 28, 2006    

    We need both, X.

    The “writers stare” sticker was one I hesitated to load because I worried people wouldn’t get it. I just love that you did. I zone out terribly. Family calls it Rinda Moments if anyone else does it.

  5. September 28, 2006    

    Under which sidebar widget did you place the write snark banner?

    I can’t figure out how to do that.

  6. Nik Nik
    September 28, 2006    

    Another House lover! Wasn’t that episode awesome! And the ending…..man, I cried. I hate crying.

    And, yeah….baseball….pffft. Don’t they have a whole damn cable network dedicated to that crap? Why do they have to take up my slice of the airwaves?

  7. September 28, 2006    

    I cried, too! The kid. The video game. The “10” remark. Damn. What is it… four weeks?

    Heather, I’m emailing with banner info. Thanks! 🙂

  8. October 1, 2006    

    The more people I respect whom I hear speak highly of House makes me want to watch it all the more. I’m plugging in Tuesday night, Rinda, to watch it vicariously with you.

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