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I’m So Bad


Yeah, a cute puppy from me is weird, but look at him. 

So, I didn’t hit that extra 2000 words last night.  I ended up cooking dinner and afterward got on the phone with writer friends until later than I want to admit.  A couple of us are night owls.  Man, I had fun, though.  The first one, Christy, had me giggling like a school girl.  The second, Terri/Keira, was funny because damn, we can talk.  And talk.  And talk. I heard her chuckling when I finally admitted my brain had turned to mush and I was too loopy to make sense any longer.  

After I got off the phone, I fell into bed and dropped into a doze.  I think it’s because I realized I hadn’t remembered to put my daughter’s band outfit in the dryer.  (If she hadn’t given it to me so late last night… )

So, I got up to blindly stumble through a pitch black house.  For some reason, that little trek woke me up.  I swear, I stared at the ceiling until after three. 

Woke up with a monster headache today. 

I still feel pretty good about the 2500 or so words I did yesterday.  I was hoping to work tonight since today is busy, but tonight became busy, too. 

My car is acting up, so I was going to skip a writer’s meeting tomorrow and work, but one of those phone calls was my good writer friend, Christy, who said “Nope, I’m coming to get you.”  Of course, I didn’t argue because I love this group of ladies I meet with once a month.

Sunday, we have a standing football gathering with friends, so I won’t be able to work again until Monday and it’s driving me nuts!  The story is right there. 

My heroine is stomping around my head, kicking at my skull, cursing up a storm and just generally being bad tempered because I stopped at a good point. 

I played her some Disturbed to calm her down, but it made my headache worse so I switched to Ane Brun. 

Oh yeah, don’t forget… we all want to know who is in this van.

delivery.jpg See last Scene From a Pic post for details.

And I tried to upload these funny signs for your weekend pleasure, but I guess they were too risque…  The only ones it’ll let me post are these.







  1. November 11, 2006    

    Those signs are way funny. I think the Dyslexic one is my favorite.

    And I’m stealing that pup. How adorable!

  2. November 13, 2006    

    I couldn’t imagine risqueness had anything to do with not being able to post your picutres. Me suspects something else is afoot, unless one of your “parental controls” filters is enabled.

  3. Jen Jen
    November 13, 2006    

    That puppy is too cute. Reminds me of what one of my cousins said yesterday. Her daughter has a new puppy and the puppy peed on my cousin’s cell phone. Gross!

    I’ve seen the Mary Kay sign before. It’s great. 🙂

  4. November 14, 2006    

    Me suspects it was user error.

    Jen, I’d get a new cell phone.

  5. November 15, 2006    

    OMG! That pic of the puppy is sooo cute! I just wanted to hug him. Sorry to hear you didn’t make the 2K word. I’ll make it up eventually.

    Okay, now, that ad from Mary Kay was definitely spooky!

  6. November 19, 2006    

    Ok, the girls want to know who the puppy belongs to and if he’s a stray, can they have him?

    Oh, and I have a wooden thingie hanging on my office wall that reads: Bad spellers of the world, untie!

    I don’t think you’ve gone AWOL on your writing. I too write in spurts and most of it’s gibberish, but will later be turned into something. I love our critique group… even if we have nothing to post for a while cause us ladies rock!

    Love ya!

  7. November 20, 2006    

    My favorite sign is the dyslexic one.
    Did you get a puppy? I want one.

  8. November 20, 2006    

    No puppies for me. I’m a cat person through and through. 🙂 This is just a picture someone sent me and I thought it was cute.

    Dana!!!!! Man, I miss your teasing comments. And I’m horribly guilty for neglecting our critique group. That will change this week but really pick up after holidays.

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