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Monday Smiles

One of my favorite perks of WordPress is the ability to see all the search strings that bring people to the Snark.   I hope you enjoy a big Monday grin over these.  I did.

1. Peace sign tree garland (Luckily that ridiculousness went away.)

2. Lyrics Picture Pervert by Pollyn(great downtempo, sexy music– check it out here http://www.pollyn.com/index.php )

3. Dirty Santa pictures (Do you think they were looking for the gift trading game or something a little more… shall we say, just plain, freaking different?  Uh, to each his own, right?)

4. Alien thongs.  (ROFLMAO!!!  As if the human ones weren’t bad enough.) 

5. Wine making recipes (This reminds me I haven’t made wine in months.  Must remedy.)

6. Stories of hair( Hmm… hitting a blank here.  Maybe we should have a contest about writing stories of hair or something.   Maybe not…)

7. Norse Ice Queen (I have to admit– I love that this string brings people to me. )

8. Peter Gabriel and Rosanna Arquette all (I need to pull out So.)

9. Jill Monroe wrestling.  (Okay, another ROFLMA!!!  Is it about fellow OKRWA member or is there another Jill Monroe…)

10. Abnormous big balls(I can’t figure out which post brought this one on and for that matter, I can’t figure out why.  Guesses?  ACDC– maybe?  Have I talked about ACDC?)

Okay, is it just me or do you ever get the urge to put a ton of random dirty words on your blog just to see what kind of searches you get?  No? 


  1. December 19, 2006    

    Those are funny. I read these types of posts on other blogs as well and did have the urge to blog dirty words just to see how high I could get my stats. In fact, you could probably double your readership with a single post that mentioned Paris Hilton, Brittany Spears, and Lindsay Lohan and certain “keywords”. In fact, maybe this commment will boost your stats :).

  2. December 19, 2006    

    A few weeks ago, “Britney Crotch Shot” would’ve jammed your blog with traffic. Now, me thinks “Lachey engaged” would do the trick.

    Missed you this weekend. 🙁 I still have your ornament/hanging plaque. It reads, “May friendship, like wine, improve as time goes by.” (I’m scared it will break if I mail it. I’ll bring it with me next time I come to OK.)

  3. December 19, 2006    

    LOL I get some of those hilarious search strings as well. I’m amazed at how many folks search for latin phrases – I have a quote by Horace that has pulled in a lot of visitors. *shrugging shoulders*

    BTW Rinda, would you be interested in reading a short story I’ve posted in a password protected area of my blog. It’s approximately 1000 words; I’m not asking for a snarky review 😉 just want to know what you think in everyday language. Email me if your interested and don’t feel bad if you aren’t.

  4. December 19, 2006    

    strugglingwriter, I was tempted to post a pic of Britney in that black lace dress over hot pink underwear. Had a WTF? caption for it. But thought about all the crap traffic I’d get. heh heh

    I missed you guys, too. This has been a rough month with family and friend issues. But I liked the pics– looks like you guys had a blast.

    Missy, I saw your post about the story on your blog and was planning to check it out after the holidays. And don’t be afraid of the snark– it mostly turns to fuel for the store.

  5. December 19, 2006    

    You must write about some really weird stuff on here. I don’t get weird search strings like that. ;-(

    Missed you this weekend. Hope your holiday is fantastic!

  6. December 19, 2006    

    Mighty funny. You’d think that the alien thongs querier would wind up on my blog.

  7. December 19, 2006    


    I love looking at how people find me. Most of the time, I feel sorry for the folks who have landed on my site looking for something completely bizarro…

  8. January 6, 2007    

    I have all these people who think they’re coming to see the Jill Monroe who wrestles and then find me : ) She has a video on youtube. Yes, I HAD to check her out!

  9. January 7, 2007    

    I get hits from that Jill Monroe wrestling every single day. Now, I’m going to have to look her up. I actually thought this was a prank from Gena– that somewhere she loaded a secret video from one of the trips you’ve gone on together. heh heh

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