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Post Holiday Check-In

I’m recovering from Christmas.  Sorry for the long silence.  We’re crazy here in the Elliott household.  We do breakfast and dinner. 

For. A. Lot. Of. People. 

We will continue doing so, but next year, I think I’ll try and cook a lot of the dishes ahead of time– that way I can just pop them in the oven.  It’s so crowded, it’s hard to make the meals really nice.  And the dishes!!  We load everything into chafing dishes and those huge suckers take up some serious space. (My daughter hates the name– says it sounds painful and that they should be called warming dishes. heh heh)

While making breakfast Christmas day, I dropped a blender on my big toe and here I am two days later with it propped up on an ottoman.  It looks and feels just awful.  But today, I can finally move it a bit. 

It was an old fashioned glass blender with one of those ultra heavy bottoms.   I just wrapped the toe and kept cooking and cleaning– there was little choice.  And yesterday, I ignored it to finish cleaning.  Five hours of straight dishes, vacuuming and mopping.  Ouch. 

Last night, the hubby brought me some Almond Roca (OMG, how come no one told me about this candy???), propped my foot up then asked me to just sit for awhile.  I’m sitting today, too.  Maybe that’s why I can finally move it a little. 

I did, despite the toe, have a nice holiday.  Hope you all did as well.

The hubby tracked down seven of Nene Thomas’ ornaments and statues.  I had quit buying them last year when we had work issues — and then when I realized how many I had missed.  I kind of set it from my mind.  Well, he didn’t.   This wonderful man hunted down fairies for me. <bg> 

If you’ve never explored the fantastic work of Nene Thomas, I urge you to drop by her website.  She’s a local artist, a wonderful lady and she creates some really beautiful pieces.  I have some of her framed prints as well.

gatheringstormsm.jpg One of the figurines Robert bought me.

My sister brought me a box called “The Many Faces of Rinda.”  You see, I am not photogenic at all.  That’s why people always say I look different in all my pictures.  But most of the time, I’m making horrible faces and my family– this sister specifically– always seems to capture them on film.  So, she gifted me with a collection of the worst pictures you can imagine.  Since most were recent, I now have a few New Years resolutions. <g>

I’m also planning to hit the manuscript really hard in January.  I’ve been preparing my family for long days of solid work.  They have absorbed some of my excitement, too.  It’s the only way I can explain their promise to take over a lot of the household duties. 

I’ll be sharing progress and hopefully, it will be consistent.

I FINALLY uploaded a so/so chapter to my critique group right before Christmas.  I’m still not happy with the end of it, but I needed to keep moving with them.  I can always fix it later.  I also have several chapters of Rachel’s to go over and I’m looking forward to that.  I’m ready to fall back into my work with more than just a fourth of my brain.  

The fiction hovered in my mind throughout all of the last few hectic weeks and I have some wonderful ideas that need to be captured in print.  Two short stories and the next couple of chapters of the WIP… 

One more holiday to go and I can really kick it!

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  1. December 28, 2006    

    Just don’t kick it with the recovering toe. 😉

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