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Love Will Keep Us Together

Good evening, my faithful muscrats…

I was trying to find my senior picture so you could make fun of my incredible eighties hair, make-up and jean dress.  Yeah, jean dress. 

Instead, we ended up going through a bunch of pics and I thought you might get a kick out of this first grade pic of me in my Toni Tennille hair cut.  Sorry for the bad scan job.  I didn’t take the time to crop. <g>


In writing news, I’m still cramming through the first draft–we’re talking sandpaper here.  There are places where the fleshing will be intense.  Oh, ew.  I meant fleshing “out” there.  But the story is flowing and I cleared 3250 words already today and plan to work a little more after the kiddies are asleep tonight.  🙂 

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