One Of These Books…Topic Contest!

The last time I issued a challenge, the Snarky readers gave me such interesting things to writer about! See Norse Gods at Starbucks & Now They Run From Valen Greer in the pages at the top. 

Let’s do it again. I love the creative topics you guys come up with and I really love the challenge of creating a story from them.


(All but one of these books are from my personal library… which one isn’t?–There is no rhyme or reason to my book collection, so this is nothing more than who guesses correctly. <g> Winner gets to pick a writing topic!  Oh, I’ll pick the winner on Sunday.)

word-painting.jpg Word Painting

max.jpg Maximum Security

short.jpg On Writing Short Stories  

 crime.jpg The Writer’s Complete Crime Reference Book

shfic.jpg Creating Short Fiction

monster.jpg I Have Lived in the Monster

time.jpg A Brief History of Time

mayan.jpg The Mayan Prophecies 

genius.jpg A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

0 thoughts on “One Of These Books…Topic Contest!”

  1. I’m guessing On Writing Short Stories, but that’s just because several of the others seem too obvious. But I really have no clue. 😉

    So, is it the first person to guess correctly, or will there be multiple winners?

  2. Hi Danne! Welcome to the Snark! I’ve thought about going by Dani since my middle name is Danielle. 🙂

    I’m not giving away any hints and will announce the winner on Sunday. And… I suppose there could be mulitiple winners, Rach, depends on how many guess correctly. But, I do love the challenge, so we’ll see how many get it right by Sunday.

  3. I venture to say the Black Hole/Hawking book. The only one I DO have is David Egger’s Heartbreaking Work of Staggering genius, so I hope you also have it. Then, we could do a post on it if you felt so inclined. If, you do in fact, own it.

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