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Spring Sucks Part Deux & WTF is on my TV??

I need to be writing.  The rewrites are going okay.  Slow, but okay.  Like I’ve said, I love this part of the process when I go over each page and add the ambiance.  Here’s a clip from yesterday’s work:


     That night, I sat on my front porch watching the ocean, sipping blackberry herbal tea, and brooding.  Usually, I felt more a part of the world of nature than that of humans.  The earth called to me, especially water.


     That night, I sat on my front porch, staring at a narrow, glistening strip of ocean– the only part of the coast visible from the light of the full moon.  I blew lightly on my blackberry tea before taking a cautious sip.  

     Most of the sky rolled thick and black from the blanket of clouds that wrapped everything except the moon.  She glowered through, as if daring them to block her light.  Usually, I felt more a part of nature’s world than that of human’s.  The earth called to me, especially water.  The never-ending expanse of moving, living liquid, the sucking swoosh of it crashing into the beach..the tinge of salt on the wind.  Somehow, it all worked together to wipe the worries from my mind.

     But not tonight.


But today, for me, is a pain!  I simply can’t concentrate.  I brought my laptop into the kitchen so I can keep the TV on.  I wish the news would just stay on so I didn’t have to listen to the silly soap operas.  There is more drama on the screen than I can handle.  And the cheese factor????  I’m going to end up constipated.  Eck.   But, I have to stay alert because there is a  massive storm coming into our area.  It’s this huge, menacing blob of red that keeps advancing toward us on the map. 

Did I mention I’m not that fond of spring in Oklahoma?  I’m actually pretty nervous about this one.

And I’m glad I just called Rachel.  She was reading–didn’t have the TV on. 

Last night, the tornadoes touched down near my home before the sirens went off.  Right now, it’s raining and dark and I keep looking toward the sky for this sort of thing.  Funny, how it can start out kind of pretty.


Then it turns to this.


And for those of us who were around on May 3rd, 1999, it’s so hard not to remember this F5.


Okay, I had a picture of the resulting damage, but damn, I’m nervous enough.  Right now, I’m sooo wishing I’d talked my husband into putting in the storm shelter.  Most tornadoes aren’t F5s–thank goodness–so an internal closet–or in my case, a closet within a closet under the stairs–works fine. 

I just looked at my television.

WTF?  Right now, on my screen, there is some seriously ripped dude, blindfolded and tied to a chair, while some uh… half leather-clad man, half plaid-skirted woman strolls around him issuing threats in a four-pack a day husky voice.  “I’m all tingly,” it’s saying. 


I want the anxious newsman prattle back.  Anything is better than this show. 


  1. March 31, 2007    

    Babe, much as I hate storms, panic doesn’t help. I probably don’t panic enough, sixty five years of tornado warnings. Either you get antsy at every storm or never do.

    The rewrite sounds good. That’s what I’m looking forward to, finishing the last four chapters and then rewrites and fleshing out.

    It’s 1:50p right now, haven’t seen the weather since early AM. I wrote last scene in chapter 26, managed to get out of chapter 26 without saving. Thought I’d have a stroke. Had to start over with the last scene but of course it ended up better.

    Hang in there, spring will end and then it will be time for the triple digit temps and drought so everything can die again. Did I cheer you up? Good.

  2. March 31, 2007    

    I’m not panicking–just nervous.

    My raised voice is due to what’s on TV. It’s unbelievable. Some guy is floating in the air being strangled by black shadows while another guy is on fire and rolling in a separate scene. There is some woman who just supersized herself… ?????… This particular soap must be more melodramatic than others. Hope so.

  3. March 31, 2007    

    And I live in the area that got hit last night, so being a little nervous makes sense. Seems this spot gets hit a lot. The middle school was just rebuilt from tornadoes a couple of years ago. Fun.

  4. March 31, 2007    

    “a closet within a closet under the stairs”

    That sounds ultra creepy. 🙂

    I need to check out weather.com and see what’s going on here. Ugh.

  5. March 31, 2007    

    Wait… um.. “half leather-clad man, half plaid-skirted woman”??? That requires more explanation.

  6. March 31, 2007    

    I know! This is a soap called Passions and there was this half man, half woman who kidnapped a guy, stripped him, tied him to a chair and uh he/she walked around the chair rubbing him and murmurring in this husky voice. One leg had on black pants, the other had a red plaid skirt. The whole right side was female, the left male. They never showed a face. Guess that was more mysterious.

    Then there were magic people and black shadow people making some dude go up in the air. Everyone was overly dramatic and it was just soooo bad. Oh, you have to watch it, just for the campiness.

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