Like Dolce Bellezza, I’ve had a little trouble finishing books lately.  I’m actually reading three very good ones, but I have the attention span of a gnat these days. 

Maybe it’s spring fever.

Even movies have been unable to capture my undivided attention.  A few here and there, but last night, one had me from beginning to end.  I would say that it caught me at just the right time.  The right mood.  But honestly, I think this one would have appealed to me anytime.  


Stranger Than Fiction

I laughed.  I cried.  I sat on the edge of my seat for quite a bit of it.  I’m sure every writer who has seen it ended the movie with the urge to pull out their notebooks or laptops and write the next great masterpiece.  Or at least try harder. 

For it’s in the trying we find the experience and knowledge to get closer to our goals, right?

I simply loved this movie.  I loved Will Ferrell’s character and Maggie Gyllanhall’s as well.  But, as always, this actress blew me away.  She always does.


Emma Thompson.  I could list a string of movies I’ve loved just because she was in them.  There is one scene in Love Actually that I will never forget.  I was watching the movie alone because as usual, the hubby had fallen asleep.  It was late at night and yeah, I’ll admit that I was drinking coffee.  Sometimes, you just gotta have coffee.  I remember rewinding the DVD and crawling closer to the big screen we’d had at the time–holding my breath the whole time.   Can you name the scene?

I even loved Wit, though it left me a wreck for days.  It’s not a movie I often recommend–very, very heavy.  Heartbreaking.  Oh, but the scene with the damned lotion!!!  There go my stupid tear ducts…

As for Stranger Than Fiction, I’m not going to write a review that goes over the plot in detail.  I’m just going to recommend it.   There is one line that comes from Emma Thompson’s character near the end that made my week. 🙂