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Current Writing and New Designs!

It’s been a little while since I posted about the store.  I’ve been neglecting the poor thing.  Too busy on these re-writes.  I’m officially a fourth of the way in.  Planned to be further, but decided a two week break was needed between the first draft and the next.  Things needed to simmer a bit.  But I am working fast and having fun.  It’s the first time I’ve really liked my writing in a long time.  That will probably change since I’ve got all those perfectionist issues I’ve blogged about before.  Snort. 

Oh and have you ever had a subconjunctival hemorrhage in your eye?  It’s so weird!  I woke up with a horrible crick in my neck–one of those really painful ones that feels like someone stuck a pole through your shoulder and down into your back.  But I’ve also got a bleeding eye.  Really!  It doesn’t hurt but it looks awful.  Uh, not as bad as some of the pics on Google–ouch, but it’s certainly noticeable. According to our handy-dandy Internet, I did something to cause this. 

Whatever it was, I slept through it.

So today, I needed to update our Sam’s cards and here I am getting a picture.  I’m wearing one of my own Snarky hats because I was too busy to fix my hair.  I have vivid red spots in my eye and I can’t turn my freaking head.  My husband said it looked like someone had smacked me around in my sleep. 

He didn’t look guilty or anything so man, it must have been a really bad dream.  (Actually I did have a bad dream–I was pitching my book to an agent who loved me, but her boss came into the room and started asking these horrible questions.  I was so upset in the dream…)


Finishing A Book.   Says “I’m a hard working writer. I admire hard working creatures. That’s why the cobwebs are there. Really.” (Yeah, I’m working and my house looks bad in a few places.  Funny, I don’t feel bad about that at all.)


Constant Volunteer Requests.   Says “No, I don’t “really” work.  I just sit in front of this damned computer tapping the keys for no reason. (Two kids in two different schools and spring.  What is it about spring.  Field trips, band concerts, plays, teacher appreciation week, etc…  I love my kids, but I’m not loving their schools right now.  I simply can’t volunteer for all this..)


No Such Thing As Writer’s Block.  Says “Where are the freaking words?”  (I designed this on one of those days like the one in the poem below.  <g>)

All of these designs come on different colors and styles. 🙂


  1. May 1, 2007    

    OMG. I SO need that Writer’s Block shirt! The next time I get it (which hopefully won’t be any time soon as I’ll be starting the first draft for Book One sarting May 1st), I’ll need to wear that around house with a worried look on my face. LOL.

  2. May 1, 2007    

    It has funky colors, eh? They’re so fun to wear, cheery with this silly message. I’m ordering that one, too. Oh yes, and I must don the worried expression. LOL!

    BTW, I answered your questions about the store in complete honesty in my last post. 😉

  3. May 1, 2007    

    Love the cobweb one. That’s why my house looks that way. I knew there was a reason. It will get bad again as I do plotting for Party to Murder next month, start working on re-writes for Privy to Murder,and, in July, first draft time for Pary.
    BTW, like the poetry train and got some nice comments.

  4. May 2, 2007    

    LOL–great shirts!

  5. May 3, 2007    

    OMG! I sooo know about the crick in the neck and waking up with ‘red eye’. I chalked it up to kickin’ my own ass while I was sleeping! HA!
    Looks like hell and people look at you funny, but hey.. just gives you a reason to give them funny looks back!
    I put the link to my, not yet released, website. You can leave comments on this one. Don’t know what is up with the other one, shouldn’t have to be a member to comment.. darn spaces!!
    P.S. After I get moved and settled, I am totally buying some of those shirts. They are great!!!

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