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Living In A Fog


I can smell another spring storm on the wind. Threads of cool air have hitched a ride with the fierce humid wind and it feels good to stand outside with my eyes closed and my hair whipping around my face.

I keep taking long, deep breaths–hoping not only to chase away the stale, overworked, office air from my lungs, but to maybe flush out the cobwebs from this tired brain of mine. 

I’ve been sinking so deeply into the story during rewrites that it feels like I awaken in the afternoons wrapped in fog, strangely disconnected and blinking into the world around me. 

I’m performing evening tasks, excited that I’m making decent progress, but still, there’s this low, simmering frustration at times because as always, I’m battling that procrastination from perfectionism I wrote about here and here


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities on that blank page? 

Normally, I’m inspired by all that space waiting to be filled.  But in going over first drafts, it’s easy to let the possibilities cause a bit of second guessing here and there. 

I’ve figured out that when this happens, it’s usually time for a break.  Breathing a little fresh pre-storm air does seem to help.  🙂


  1. May 24, 2007    

    It’s the bane of my writing existence. That need for the perfect page makes me ruin what I have by editing it to death. At least you don’t throw a fit and trash the majority (if not all) of your MS out of frustration. Pre-storm air is a much better alternative.

    Sorry for the fog, but I’m super excited to read the finished product. 🙂

  2. May 24, 2007    

    I’ve been feeling the urge to trash this one. Unfortunately, there are chapters in the second half of the book that are nothing more than fleshed out outlines. In the layering, I keep adding more plot and then have to redo the beginnings of the next chapters…

    Maybe I’ll clean house today. I noticed yesterday that I had people moving around in vacuums and was telling instead of showing a bit much… then I had a scene written at night and with the edits, it now has to be in the morning.

    Can you tell I’m a bit frustrated? 😉

  3. May 24, 2007    

    Do not trash. Keep going. I still want to read the whole thing. I have the same problem with Privy, the more I edit, it seems the more I find, but I do have to declare it finished. I finally learned to “finish” a painting before I nit-picked it into mud. Have to do the same with writing. Carol

  4. May 24, 2007    

    Don’t worry, I won’t trash. I’ve worked too hard. And I’m going to work today. I want to make my goal so badly. I do wish I felt a little less guilt for not volunteering for more things at the elementary school’s end-of-year stuff. That’s probably a big part of my frustration. I usually help out a lot and this year, I need to make the deadline so I’m only doing one of the parties. Plus, both of my kids have birthdays in the next couple of weeks and I’m not prepared… One is a sweet sixteen. 🙂

  5. May 25, 2007    

    Speaking of writing…I’ve been checking out your Write Snark store (looking at all the T-shirts I want to buy) and I have a suggestion, a request if you will..
    I think you need to make the quote about the “story not being told unless I tell it” into a poster. I would really like to hang that up in my office.

    And that poster about writers not making good cooks is SO true in my case. Unless you count pushing three-zero-zero and then Start, of course. I’m a genius at that.

  6. May 25, 2007    

    I can put together a poster. Been meaning to update that section. I’ll work on some designs this weekend and post them here.

    I made that design for a close friend of mine. She is one of the best writers I’ve ever read, but her self-doubt goes even deeper than mine. She has the best ideas for deep, emotionally cutting stories but will stop midway when she feels she can’t do them justice.

    So, I made this design for her and put it on a tote so she has to carry it around and be reminded that her story is precious and it won’t be told until she does it. 🙂

  7. May 26, 2007    

    “Unless you count pushing three-zero-zero and then Start, of course. I’m a genius at that.”

    It took me 9 months to figure out that I had smart buttons on my microwave.

  8. May 26, 2007    

    Ah…yes. I know this one well.

    It never seems to come out right the first time…But I like editing over writing, so I say it’s fine!

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