A Man Like Any Other


He closes eyes made gritty

By stolen hours of sleep.

    He=s solid only–in realms

    Of shadows and unspoken despair.

He blindly reaches out

To grasp what he cannot see,

To find purchase in another night

Spent upright, in a lone kitchen chair.


To the outside world

He=s an ordinary man.

    Made solid only– in realms

    Of burden and elbow grease.

While alone, here in the dark

He is but one soul among many,

Seeking an end to his long and

Resigned search for peace.



This is certainly not one of my best, but considering I did rewrites on two chapters today–one of which had to be completely rewritten, I don’t have the energy to search out a better one.  I am, however, stoked on the two chapters.  <g> 


Hope everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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