In Honor Of…

The Spice Girls reunion, I give you Baby Spices.


Since none of these girls now look like this–therefore it’s safe to post–that is my daughter as Baby Spice on the far right.  I’m not sure why she had on my shoes. 

Aren’t they precious?

Of course, I’m now in danger of being beaten by a group of embarrassed teenagers who will not admit to ever being Spice Girl fans. 


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  1. Of course–they were all into the Spice Girls. We were only missing Scary Spice. I offered to be her, I think–but they wouldn’t let me stay for the Spice sleepover. heh heh

  2. My oldest daughter loved the Spice Girls. Now… not so much. She had all their cds (two?) and posters and the movie (ugh). Everything was “spice this… spice that…” I thought I was going to puke.

    She finally got over them just before they broke up and started obsessing over Selena … to this day I cannot, will not, absolutely refuse to listen to, read about or view anything Selena. BLECH

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