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Long Teeth, Mams and Fighting Boys

My friends, Sara Saint John and Carold Shenold both have stories out this month at World Of Myth.  Sara has two stories– a reprint of Long in the Tooth and a new one, Long in the Tooth Revisited.  Carol’s is called Mam. 

These are free to read online, so enjoy!

Okay, I have a question for those of you with sons.  Mine is ten and he keeps getting into knock down drag outs with another boy down the street.  They beat the crap out of each other then want to hang out again a few days later. 

My son just came home with his face all scratched up from grass and a knot on his forehead.  (Since he’s allergic to grass, we have hives to probably look forward to…)  Unfortunately, the boy he’s fighting is much bigger.  The boy was taunting him and threatening to trash his bike so my kid tried to throw the first punch.  Uh, I think he lost.  Looks like he did.

I’m used to girls who get mad, say mean things and cry then make up a week or so later.  But these boys are physically beating each other up! 

So, do I have the entire summer to look forward to this kind of crap?  If so, it’s gonna be a long one.


  1. June 13, 2007    

    *LOL* I know what has happened to your son isn’t funny, but it reminds me of my own cousins when they were growing up. My cousins and their friends kick each other’s butt, and then they were all good chums a couple of days later. Since I’m a girl, I couldn’t understand their weird behavior, so I used to tell why couldn’t they resort to name calling and insulting each other’s clothes. Hahaha! Of course, my uncle would puff his chest, all proud of them throwing punches. Men! *rolls eyes*

    Perhaps you should have a talk with your son about this. You know, ask why he wants to be friends with this other boy. Maybe he just wants to hang out with that boy for the wrong reasons, and that’s why they end up beating the crap of each other so often.

  2. June 13, 2007    

    They wait days before hanging out again? Back in the day, we wouldn’t wait a few days. A few hours, maybe.

    That bully (the big kid–what else could he be?) has to change. Otherwise, as they get older, they can get into some serious trouble.

  3. June 13, 2007    

    Problem for me is that Jeff never got into physical fights, he was small but usually talked his way out. But after he started Karate, at about 10, , the other kids backed off anyway, especially when the karate school held a demo at his school and he broke some bricks and boards bare-handed. Wish I had a better answer for you.

    Thanks for the plug BTW

  4. June 14, 2007    

    Don’t really understand boys, either. And I have one! When Sean was little, he got bullied a lot. I don’t like real-life violence, but I wish he’d fought back more often. It would’ve given him confidence. Hang in there. Summer is only three months long, and it will pass quickly!

    Yes, thanks for the plug. I appreciate you. 🙂

  5. June 14, 2007    

    They sometimes make up the next day. This is new, so it’s only happened a couple of times, but it bugs me. I’m forcing a break from each other right now.

    Thing is, my son has been in mixed martial arts for more than two years but he’s repeatedly been warned by his coach to not use the moves outside the dojo. My husband says he should if he’s defending himself. But some of those moves can do serious damage…

    Fun, eh?

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