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Rain and Conqueror Worms


Wow.  Rain.  Rain.  And more rain. 

I just had a horrible experience in it.  My parents are still moving and I was trying to get to my mother’s to help.  The wet stuff is coming down so hard and fast, I could hardly see.  My car is low to the road and I was squinting through the windshield and missed a flooded area on the road.  I hit that water and it came up over the windows!

I never understood how people got caught up in floods.  Never understood why they were out in it in the first place.  But today, I couldn’t see and hit it before I realized what it was.  I couldn’t slow because there was a truck behind me.

My little car hiccoughed through that spot and I came upon another, then another.  Two cars pulled out in front of me despite my headlights and then I freaking hydroplaned.

I called my mom and came back home. 

She lives thirty minutes away, down this long and dangerous road known for flooding.  Uh uh.  Plus, we’re moving with a freaking pick-up.  (Not the furniture–movers are coming for that.) 

You know how fescue loves moisture?  We’ve had so much rain, our grass is drowning and dying.  I normally hate Oklahoma in the summer because of the soaring, sticky temperatures.  In fact, I normally love rain–but this is really weird.

And you know what?  I kind of wish I hadn’t recently read Brian Keene’s Conqueror Worms.  It rained and rained in that book, too.  Right before creatures from deep in the earth began rising with the floods…


Edit:  I no longer do weekend music and art.  I loved posting a beautiful image or two and ALWAYS sent my readers to the artist’s site.  I was hoping to drum up business for artists I find fantastic.  But all it took was one complaint–despite me following that artist’s rules–for me to dump that part of this blog.  I can understand why someone would be upset that a picture or painting was used.  After all, I once had someone take and post my writing as their own.  It’s painful.  Very. 

But I was hoping most artists would be happy for the extra publicity as long as they were getting full credit.  Alas, no.  But I do happen upon some great artists and do want to still share.  So, no images to grace my blog.  Just names and links.  This is Jangna Zhang and all of her images are great, but that very first one is stunning.  Too bad we can’t use it in our SFAP.

Click here.   She has a website, too. 🙂


  1. June 27, 2007    

    With all the rain you’d think you were living in Washington State (my home state). I am thinking that your earth worms may be drowned by now, poor little fella’s (apostrophe or no? hmmm).

    Get yourself a speedboat and head to your mom’s for the day, you can dock it in the pond! Then have a nice glass of wine in front of the fireplace. Oh wait, it does have a fireplace, right?

    Hmm, I can see the problem with posting images to gain more attention to artists. You would think that, if they READ your blog, they would know that you are only trying to do a positive thing, not steal from them. Silly, just silly.

    I usually just put up links anyway, just because in today’s world people are way too happy to sue you for anything. Heaven forbid you blink at them wrong!!

    Hope you dry out soon!!!

  2. June 27, 2007    

    Because of your blog I have visited so many wonderful artists sites, have bookmarked them and passed them onto others. That someone can’t see the benefit of word-of-mouth… this is their loss. It only takes one, doesn’t it.

    Please keep posting links. Your ability to find the unusual, interesting, weird and beautiful is still worth sharing. Thanks!


  3. June 27, 2007    

    The rain is driving me nuts too but I managed to get Lori in for surgery and home again without being swept away. No far, biopsy negative, Yay. carol

  4. June 27, 2007    

    Oh good news, Carol!!!!

    I’ll still post links. I discover too many wonderful artists out there. I tried emailing to get permission but that can take a long time. I’m bummed about not posting the pretty or thought-provoking art, but I’ll still send you all the links.

    Now, I only use free stock photos–even for the SFAP. Half tempted to take my daughter’s camera out and… nah, you all saw my turkey photos. 😉

  5. Julia Julia
    June 28, 2007    

    I love you and Jana, Alex too, for helping me. I could not have made it today without your help. I know your world is fixing to change for the better. Have faith……

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