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More POSITIVE Conference Stuff!

I started with one of the conversations on the big conference brouhaha but quickly bowed out because I wasn’t comfortable by all the harsh judgement flying in those comments.  I’m still reading, though, because I’m weak.  Weak, I tell you.  

I did write up a long post about spending twenty years banging your head against an unforgiving wall and looking for respect that will never come.  I also wrote about maybe needing that respect so it can be internalized… but I think we need to shut this mad puppy down.  Some of the authors have said horrible things, using terms like pedophile bait, etc.  Ouch!  Then, I saw the blog of one of the authors being discussed.  She’s had enough, so we need to let the subject go. 

I feel sorry for the authors who were just trying something different to promote a new line of hip romance novels.  I thought they looked great! 

And on to the pics!  

I’m so glad I decided to write books and not pursue a career as a photographer.  I suck.  Big time.  I couldn’t wait to get these pics and the two I was excited about aren’t even there!  I had a great one with me in my award finery with Sarah, from the Smart Bitches in hers.  WAH!!!! 

My naughty blackmail pics didn’t come out–thank goodness T’s did. 

I had beautiful pics of Heather and they’re all grainy and dark. 

But get this.   Gena’s turned out.  What’s up with that?  Is it because she’s insanely beautiful??

(Most of the pics will be in thumbnail.  Click to bring up full size.  I’m trying not to crash people’s Bloglines.)


And what do you think she’s doing here?  <wg>


My critique partner, Rachel Vincent’s first signing pic kind of came out.  They’re all dark. 


My roomie, T.L. Schaefer.  No, she’s not a two fister–several people brought her wine since she couldn’t leave the table. <g>


Gotta love Jordan Dane’s expression in this pic.  And look at how stunning Heather looks in black!  She’s on the far left.  This is an inside the limo shot. Uh, obviously.


Another in the limo.  That’s J with the tongue.  And Jordan is talking about me and pointing.  They do that. 


The lovely Heather when she’s not suspecting… Also, Heidi Vanlandingham who is smiling in every other pic I have of her, but this particular expression looks a little ornery. <g>


Donnell looking fab.  The room was bright.  Didn’t think I needed a flash.  This was at the NRCA awards ceremony.


 J took this one and see?  Me.  Not talking. 


This is Fighter Chick and J.  Every single time I saw Jo (Fighter Chick), she was grinning. 


 Uh, it should be illegal to be this photogenic.  From left:  Peggy Moreland, Debra Cowan, Maggie Price and Donnell Epperson again–she my friends, is The Pink Spyder. 🙂


And I stole this from Heather who is a way better photographer. This is me with Rachel Vincent after the Rita/GH awards.  She is now reading my full manuscript and I’m biting nails in wait…



  1. July 19, 2007    

    You need a digital camera. My 35mm photos always turned out less than desirable. But I like these. Even if my profile shows my age. Damn it.

    And I’m all for POSITIVE recaps. 😉

  2. July 20, 2007    

    We have a very nice digital, but it’s not small and I didn’t want to lug it around. I’m sooo buying a small one I can pack in my “notebook” purse I didn’t mind lugging around. snort.

    I just pulled up your profile pics. They do not. You look young! It’s funny how we see ourselves. I didn’t tan for this conference, but look how dark I am. Think it’s the Cherokee blood?

  3. July 20, 2007    

    Ha. I have Cherokee blood (and enough to give me free health benefits) but the Scottish and Austrian Jew traits are too strong in my DNA to allow me to tan.

    You have gorgeous skin. Pfthhh!

    (Jo looks so happy in that photo with J. Makes me want to pinch her cheeks.)

  4. July 20, 2007    

    German/Austrian… I can’t remember.


  5. July 20, 2007    

    Looks like a ton of fun 🙂

  6. July 23, 2007    

    Great pics! Looks like tons of fun!

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