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Blog Traffic and Kalli’s Beautiful Pipes

I’m so interested in how people end up on this blog.  For a little while, I was receiving over 400 hits a day.  Now, it’s back down around 200.  Either I’ve been terrifically boring (a distinct possibility because of lack of good writing posts like in the past) or the Smart Bitches link to my site has worn off. <g>

WordPress gives you the searches that send people here and some of them crack me up.  Lately, I’ve had a lot of traffic to the two short stories on the pages above. 

Valen Greer because someone is doing searches on killer porno.  LOL!

I have no idea why people are reading Norse at Starbucks.  For a little while, I had a lot of new visitors to that page and I’d love to know where they came from. 

I have had a link here from a site called Postworthy.  I joined to see if I could find out if someone posted something from the Snark, but I’ve had no luck searching. 

Most of my traffic lately has come from searches on Cocorosie.  I used a publicity photo from the Net and it’s like the first thing that comes up in Google images.  I wonder how many of their fans are visiting and how many hate what I wrote.  Actually, what I wrote wasn’t all that bad, but I’ve still been unable to really get into that CD.  I’m not much into Christian rap and the rest of it is kind of disjointed.  They fascinate me, though.  Not sure why.  Voices are good, but I think it’s a personality thing or something.  Don’t know.  Will stick with them a bit until I figure it out.

Everyday searches that end up here besides Cocorosie?  Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Jill Monroe wrestling, Anita Blake and stirrup pants. 

I just know someone out there is making fun of this picture. <g>


And since this week has been musically themed, I’ll share a sensational voice.  I fell in love with a band called Without Gravity.  I’d link to them but they broke up.  Talk about sad! 

kalli.jpgBut I did love the lead singer’s voice, so I bought Kalli’s solo CD.  It’s good. It didn’t capture me instantly and hold me captive for weeks on end like WG’s Tenderfoot, but it’s still new and constantly in my shuffle. 🙂  Tenderfoot was a little more acoustic folk–yet quite a bit of this has a similar sound.  Very smooth, very nice.  If you click on Kalli’s name, it’ll take you to his Myspace where you can listen to those beautiful pipes of his.  Most definitely worth the trip.


  1. August 17, 2007    

    FYI – I discovered you via Rachel Vincent. Though I think I only subscribed to your blog (bless Google Reader) this month.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. August 17, 2007    

    Welcome! I must check out Google Reader. I use Bloglines and just love it–but I’m always willing to see if there is an easier program out there. 🙂

  3. Teri Brown Teri Brown
    August 17, 2007    

    Yep, I heard of you through Rachel… then bumped into you on a couple of lists:)

  4. August 17, 2007    

    Hi Teri!

    We’re all starting to inbreed, eh? 😉

  5. Jen Jen
    August 17, 2007    

    I’m with you on the searches people do to land on your blog. This week, I’ve had someone visit who did a search on standing in Stonehenge (I have a snippet of an abandoned WIP called “Shadows of Stonehenge” – which I’ve also had a lot of visits based on “Stonehenge shadows”) and a couple doing a search on “poem medical transcription,” which oddly enough I do have a poem about doing medical transcription on Evolution.

    I’ve noticed a postworthy.com link on my incoming links, too, but haven’t been able to find anything on that either.

  6. August 18, 2007    

    Just FYI, I now have a website, http://www.freewebs.com/carolshenold/index.htm
    Come see if you get a chance.

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