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It Arrived!!!


Two posts on this band in one week, but….

Over the Rhine’s new CD arrived!

My sister, Jana, is so excited she’s coming over this evening for dinner.  We’re gonna play it loud on all the speakers, share a bottle of red wine and cook some yummy food! 

I wasn’t going to tell her it was out.  Was just gonna put it in and watch her expression–but I caved and blurted it out.  Couldn’t help it.  It was in my hands!

It’s so good.  You can listen to the entire thing here.  It gets better and better with multiple plays.  That’s how it always is with OTR. For fun, try Trouble. <g>

BTW, on the menu is the best broccoli salad ever.  I bought some fantastic, thick cut bacon (Wrights from Sam’s) and ten whole pieces go into this sucker.  Broccoli, bacon, red onion, craisons, sunflower seeds and the dressing is mayo, vinegar and sugar.  Recipe here–I just substitute craisons.  Oh, the broccoli bunches here come small–I use two and there’s always enough dressing to cover.  


  1. August 20, 2007    

    Pretty music! Never heard of them, but I think I like them. I think I will like them better when my headache goes away. I will come back for more listening!!

    The salad sounds way yummy! I will be copying this recipe! And it’s such a summery recipe too, with all this freakin’ hot weather you just can’t have enough summery foods.

    P.S. that creepy guy in your previous post freaks me out, literally. I have to make sure he’s not looking at me. the mind is a funny thing.

  2. August 20, 2007    

    This really is a fantastic CD! Lots of different sounding tunes and each and every one is unique.

    And I’ll warn you. OTR music grows on you in ways you can’t possibly imagine. You’ll think it sounds nice, then you’ll find yourself playing it again and again until you pull out every CD of theirs you own and just immerse yourself. It happens.

    Wow. Do I know how to gush or what? I’ve been a long time fan, can ya tell? 😉

  3. August 20, 2007    

    Excuse my unintelligence, but what are craisons?

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  4. Teri Brown Teri Brown
    August 21, 2007    

    That is drinking wine kind of listening music… thanks for the link:)

  5. August 21, 2007    

    Craisons are like raisons only they’re cranberries. I love them. 🙂

    Teri, like I said, they get better with play. Or with wine. But you don’t necessarily need more wine to enjoy. heh heh

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