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SFAP Goof!

I’ve had a rough week, so I must apologize for goofing up the SFAP.  I left out one of the entries and I still don’t know how I did that since it’s in the correct place.  I had spent so long trying to repair formatting issues, I was frustrated and just hit the publish too early. 

So, I’m going to leave this one up over the weekend in a post of its own.  Sorry Laura.


Laura from Mad Below My Feet wrote:


If I stare long enough, I can almost see his outline through the mottled panes. A palm. Fingertips. Wishful thinking.

“You really shouldn’t miss him. He was never good to you.”

Amber light traces his outline, and I wonder if he could really be so far away.


Resting his face in his hands, he closed his eyes and pretended I wasn’t there. I’m not. Or, I am, but he’s not resting his face in his hands anymore.

“It looks like rain tonight.”

“Mom, is that you?”

Has it only been three days?

“I don’t know why you would date a man like that in the first place. I wonder if he ever cared about anyone in his life.”

It was his heavy eyes. A look that took a swim in your soul. That didn’t require sincerity.

“What were you saying?”

So beautiful.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to say it.”

My homme fatale.

I refocus my gaze, and the ghost disappears.

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