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Taken by my daughter. 🙂

Hectic, busy weekend.  Loud, messy parties.  Today, I’m basking in the glow of a freshly cleaned house and the breathtaking view of Fall changes through my windows.  I spent yesterday cleaning and today catching up the last month of gathered paperwork and bills.  I have a mountain of laundry as usual.  I’m doing that while finishing up my critiques for Rachel.

I’m taking on a big, work project this week that starts tomorrow, so once again, blog posts will be short for awhile.   I do hope life will settle back into some older routines soon.   I’ve felt overloaded for too many months now.

In writing, I finished two chapters of book two, but decided to scrap them.  This isn’t unusual for me.  I pulled a character out of book one and he’s still very vivid, so I’m opening book two with his pulled scene.  Funny enough, the entire scene fits so much better into this book. 

I plan to burn the midnight oil as much as possible in the next month.  I didn’t officially join NANO–but I want to use the next two months to get through the entire roughdraft.  Will be calling this book BoaA from here on out.  I’m officially slamming into it.  I’ll share here and there.

So, hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Halloween night will be the usual scary movie and chili with my sister.  Of course, my TV has barely left AMC’s Monster Fest the past week.   I didn’t remember Children of the Corn being such a terrible movie.  Wow.  It’s pretty bad.  Hellraiser is on now.  Ew.  It’s sick.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it… can someone explain something to me?  Anyone seen all the Halloween movies?  I saw four and five over the weekend and Jamie Lee Curtis’ character was dead.  Her daughter was the one running from Michael. 

But wasn’t Curtis in a later movie?  How did they explain her return?

And how come no one gets the secret to getting away from Michael.  RUN.  The man never runs– just walks!  Of course, a few do run, turn around to look back, then swing around to find him in front of them.  Yeah, that makes sense. 

Where are all the good psychological thrillers?  This gore stuff isn’t my cup of tea.


  1. October 30, 2007    

    Considering that Michael Myers is killed in every movie, asking for logic is kind of silly when it comes to Slasher Movies. Give me psychological suspense any time, like the old “Turn of the Screw” with Deborah Kerr or “The Spiral Staircase” with Dorothy Malone and even “The others” with Nichole Kidman. Then there was “Rosemary’s Baby.” Classic devil child, is she imagining everything. Of course “Gaslight” with Ingrid Bergman is one to see if you haven’t. See a theme? Old, old, movies. Oh well.

  2. October 30, 2007    

    Good luck with ‘BoaA’. I’m doing an ‘unofficial NaNo’, too. Aiming to start by Thursday and have the rough draft of TIW finished by the end of the year…

  3. October 30, 2007    

    Whoa! The key to enjoying all of the Halloween movies (I own every one of them, including director cuts/extended versions/documentaries—I was born a Myers, don’t ask) is to pretend everything makes sense. 😉

    When Jamie Lee Curtis came back in Halloween H20, the storyline was picking up where Halloween 2 left off, as if (3),4,5,6 never happened.

    I’ve been watching AMC practically non-stop.

  4. October 30, 2007    

    My weekend consisted of Lara Croft and Underworld movies. Hahaha! My weekend would have been complete if they had shown “The Ghostbusters”. Heh!

  5. Ken Ken
    October 30, 2007    

    If you want a good psychological book, actually a series, try the sci fi classic “Gateway” by Frederick Pohl or even better Stephen R. Donaldson’s “Lord Foul’s Bane” which is fantasy.

  6. October 31, 2007    

    Oh, good choice, Ken. LORD FOUL’S BANE is from Donaldson’s Thomas Covenent series, and these books are awesome. Rinda, you have to read them. I have them if you get time to read.

    TCM is showing some fun movies. On “Friday Night Frights”, they had William Castle night with “The Tingler”, the original “House on Haunted Hill” and “Thirteen Ghosts”. Then they had Val Lewton night with “I Walked with a Zombie”, “The Cat People”, “Bedlam” and “The Body Snatchers”. Great old movies. If you want to see any of these–Surprise!–I have them on DVD. We so need to have a movie night. 🙂

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