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What Do I Want In An Agent?


So, what is it a writer really wants in an agent?

For me, it’s someone who is comfortable going after the best deals and the right publishers for my work.  Someone who knows the business and uh, knows that writers can occasionally be a little strange.  Just a little, right? <g> 

Believe it or not, I’m shy about things like haggling.

I want someone who can be excited about my work even if she only sees promise in it at first–someone who won’t be afraid to ask me to add or take away something if needed. But, I also want someone who takes my ideas seriously, gives them a chance.  Some are a little… off beat, shall we say? 😉

An interest in urban fantasy is a must, of course.  


So, as you can guess, I’m searching.  I’m not merely picking out names and querying, no.  I’m looking them up on the Net, finding interviews, blogs, studying client lists, asking writer friends.  I don’t feel comfortable sending out random queries–I’d like to know something about each agent first. 

This takes a while.  But the right fit is important. For both of us. 

I’m picking ones interested in not only the urban fantasy genre, but others as well.  I think I’ve put together a good list of agents who might like my style. 

I’m ready to make this a solid career.  To jump in with both feet.  Hard. 😉 

And in writing news, I spent thirteen hours working on DOTT yesterday–went to bed after 1 a.m. and I’m going to give the manuscript one last read through since I incorporated a lot of Rachel’s critique suggestions. She has an eagle’s eye, that one.


  1. November 26, 2007    

    A necessity for me is for the agent in question and I to correspondent via email. Since postage to the U.S. from Australia is too much for my tiny budget 😉

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. November 26, 2007    

    Email is my favorite as well. Yeah, I’m in the United States, but it’s soooo convenient. So far, I’ve only sent one snail mail submission to an agent, the rest have been electronic.

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