Most Excellent Holiday

Had a fantastic day with family yesterday.  We laughed, shared food, presents and wine, then watched this movie.


I’m so glad I bought it, because I enjoyed it enough to watch over and over. 

I don’t have that much clean-up today and I won’t be able to work until tomorrow on the paying job–so I’m spending part of the day working on my book (and studying more agents, of course) and the other part playing with my kids.  They got an XBox 360 for Christmas and some fun games.  So far, I absolutely suck at Guitar Hero III and I haven’t even attempted Dance, Dance Revolution.  Gonna give it another stab today.

Should be good for kiddo laughter anyway. 😉

Hope you all stuffed yourselves on good food and lots and lots of laughter!

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  1. I had a great holiday, ate at various relatives, too much good food. Back to work today but have five days off over New Years. Need to finish the short I’ve been working on, get back to Bloody Murder.
    I loved Stardust. Wasn’t DeNiro hysterical? So much fun. I tried Guitar Hero, my 4-year-old grandson is better at it than I am. Carol

  2. I may have to put in Stardust again today. Even with the distractions of a big family gathering, I enjoyed it, so I can’t imagine watching it with my daughter while it’s quiet. Think I’ll put in a fire and make us hot cocoa. I have to resume working tomorrow. DeNiro was my favorite part!! Oh and all the dead princes. LOL!!

    Carol, that game is difficult. My daughter says once you get it, it’s not so hard–but I actually felt bad for my little pony-tailed guitarist when everything crashed and she was hit with resounding boos!

  3. I didn’t realize this movie was out on DVD. I LOVED IT!!! DeNiro was great. Very outside his usual stuff. Have you seen Enchanted? I liked that one, too.

  4. That’s a bit rude, that they show his photo but don’t tell us what Charlie Scottish Bloke’s name is on the cover. He came to Oz for promo stuff, and I still can’t remember his name.

    And it can’t be “this summer” – they’re wearing long sleeves 😉

    DDR is for the coordinated. I am not 😉

    My brother has so many versions of Guitar Hero. I like the one with Poison’s “Nothing But a Good Time” and Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”. But they could be from two different editions.

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

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