Okay, I sounded kind of negative and kind of positive in yesterday’s post.  Believe me, this is normal during the querying process.  I went this route before. 

Truth is, I’ve had quite a few nibbles on DOTT and I feel good about that. 

With the kind of odds writers deal with, I should feel pretty damned lucky in fact. 

I’m sure I’ll hook up with someone who loves my voice and wants to work with me–even if they feel a couple of rewrites are needed.   Yes, it could take time.  I would say my impatience isn’t a virtue, but I can’t because it’s that very impatience that drives me to finish work.  This, my friends, is a very good thing.  LOL!!

So, to keep my mind off the wait process, I’ve been going through my files in the evenings and I have some good unfinished work.  Stuff that can be whipped into shape relatively quickly.  This morning, I printed it all out–Rachel , who does all her rewrites on screen, is gasping at this point <g>– but sometimes seeing the words in print helps me to focus on area needs better.  I’ll be sneaking off into corners and telling the kids they can’t run so much.  

Speaking of which, I’m off to pick one up now.  Jeez.   

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  1. This sounds interesting. I might want to try that one, you know. I have far too many stories and five novels waiting to be finished beyond the first chapter and the first paragraphs and some to be rewritten or expanded. The list is long and the journals and pens are not enough!

    The mouse picture is cool!

  2. OMG, Heather, I forgot all about that post. LOL! You know, I really like you. 😉

    Hi again, Harry! Once you get into the habit of writing first chapters and stopping, it’s a hard one to break. But once you finish novels and get into that habit, the fun thing is getting to go back and find that you “know” how to finish all those stories and novels now. Which reminds me, I have a really scary story I need to get finished. I’m still trying to sell to Apex Digest. If you like sci-fi horror at all, that magazine rocks!

  3. Thank you for the information. It is all about the state of mind and what frame you take on. I want this to happen and to share with you like I boasted in my blog I have 8,000 words done in just this one week from January 1st!

    I like good horror. I definitely write horror, no idea, whether it’s great horror, but still. I may try posting some of my works there, when I am done with the stories. Thank you for the tip! Good luck with the story and getting it published!

  4. 8000 words in one week is excellent! A very high count. I have a couple of fun fiction things posted on the pages above–things I wrote here for the Snark readers after they challenged me. I almost sold the Valen Greer one after rewrites. Got so close! Sometimes, I think I’ll post the rewrites on a page so people can see how the story changed. But, I may still try to sell it first. 😉

  5. Well guide me through your website and tell me where to find fun fiction stuff. I want to take a sample of your writing as well, but definitely try selling it. It pays, literally and in other ways. I am on a creative spree letting my mind give birth to all sorts of stories, planing to sell and get some cash stacked for college next year!

    Do you have any idea, whether it is possible to get an agent and get a book published, even if you live in Eastern Europe? This seems to be bothering me, since Geography made the mistake of misplacing my writing wanna-be ass in Eastern Europe.

  6. What do you mean take a sample? Do you mean read one? 😉 Under my big eyeballs at the top, I have titles to pages in the long, black box. These are roughdrafts and done from challenges. Rachel Vincent gave me an unusual writing topic for Valen Greer and I ran with it. The Norse one was a funny I did for a reader who also won a challenge- he wanted me to write about Norse Gods in Starbucks and gave me a scenario.

    I believe you can sell from anywhere. I know a writer in Australia who has an agent from New York. With modern technology, it’s possible to write anywhere. I dont’ know why I haven’t left for Canada yet…

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