Okay, I sounded kind of negative and kind of positive in yesterday’s post.  Believe me, this is normal during the querying process.  I went this route before. 

Truth is, I’ve had quite a few nibbles on DOTT and I feel good about that. 

With the kind of odds writers deal with, I should feel pretty damned lucky in fact. 

I’m sure I’ll hook up with someone who loves my voice and wants to work with me–even if they feel a couple of rewrites are needed.   Yes, it could take time.  I would say my impatience isn’t a virtue, but I can’t because it’s that very impatience that drives me to finish work.  This, my friends, is a very good thing.  LOL!!

So, to keep my mind off the wait process, I’ve been going through my files in the evenings and I have some good unfinished work.  Stuff that can be whipped into shape relatively quickly.  This morning, I printed it all out–Rachel , who does all her rewrites on screen, is gasping at this point <g>– but sometimes seeing the words in print helps me to focus on area needs better.  I’ll be sneaking off into corners and telling the kids they can’t run so much.  

Speaking of which, I’m off to pick one up now.  Jeez.