Requesting a Little Magic


I need to be writing.  The ideas have boiled up and are spilling over.  I need a little magic to take away all these holiday, school break and work distractions. 

Before Christmas, I happened along one agent’s blog and got an idea of the astronomical odds.  She received about 8000 queries this year.  She only requested 49 partials and 18 fulls out of that number.  She ended up signing six new clients.

And she said that was high.


Is this going to make me stop trying to find one who loves my work? 

Nope.   But it sure does put things into perspective, doesn’t it?  😉

0 thoughts on “Requesting a Little Magic”

  1. If we worried about the odds, we’d crawl in a hole so we just have to pretend we don’t know, it doesn’t apply to us and do it anyway. Carol

  2. I gotta admit that the numbers are scary. Me and Math have been adversaries since the dawn of my birth, so I won’t cower before them. Perspective is good to have. It supplies spiritual strength and roots you down to Earth.
    Good luck in your quest!

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