Sad News


Today was my anniversary. (It’s still the nineteenth, though this publishes as the twentieth.)

At my wedding, we played Dan Fogelberg music because our very first kiss was at a Dan Fogelberg concert. 

I just found out he passed away.  He was only 56.  It’s so hard to believe that we won’t be graced with the beauty of his work again.

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  1. That is very sad. I couldn’t believe it when I read it either. I never heard anything about him having prostate cancer. And then… he was gone. He’ll be missed!

  2. I didn’t know either. The hubby and I had just arrived home after our anniversary dinner out and he told me. It was just so sad to learn of this on our day–that concert was magic for me because I had found a cassette tape of Dan Fogelberg while stuck up on that mountain in the commune at twelve. It was a rough time, so I identified with the emotion of his music. My hubby learned of this and surprised me with concert tickets–20 something years ago. Before we were married. 🙂 He first kissed me when he saw me crying during Old Lang Syne. When we had the piano player perform that at our wedding, she was upset. Said it was bad luck. It so obviously wasn’t for us.

    People joke about his music being elevator music, etc, but the words, the emotion, the sheer perfect construction… he was a genius. I cried when the hubby told me Wednesday night and I didn’t even know the man. I went to bed with The Leader of the Band playing on repeat in my head.

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