Caved To Catch the Idol Auditions with Family

I just watched a woolly mammoth in a swirly bra get a wax job. 

And that wasn’t the worst of it.

I’m kind of sad for the human race right now. 

People will do anything to get on television.


I actually have none right now.  Too speechless here. 

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  1. This is nothing!! I saw a half hippo half human do belly dancing with nothing on, but a small green dangling piece of cloth that goes dingly dingly! It was horrifying. I still shiver…

  2. And you know what? I don’t normally make fun of people, but I’m amazed at how people act on this show. It’s baffling how so many really do feel they can sing. Actually breaks my heart sometimes to see them learn they can’t.

  3. This is what amazes me and I deliberately didn’t watch last night since Comanche Moon was on. Who is the person so cruel that they encourage people who can’t sing a note to get up in front of the entire nation to make a fool out of themselves. Someone had to have told them they had star quality and that person should be lynched. Carol

  4. What’s Comanche Moon?

    My husband says the blame lies in those around these people who convince them they’re good enough to try out. But the ones who deliberately go on just for a shot to be weird on TV–the ones who waste time in what has to be a long, long process–those are the ones that make me angry.

  5. I may seem really cruel for seeing this and feel free to mention this, but quite frankly I enjoy when people do their totally idiotic act. Singing badly has always made me laugh. Must be something wrong with my genes. Of course I feel bad at doing it, but I just can’t help it at times. I actually enjoyed the Bulgarian Music Idol. It created a great singer and her songs are superb.

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