Heath Ledger


Heath Ledger was found dead today.  This is so damned sad.  He played a prominent roll in one of my unfinished manuscripts.  I feel so sorry for his little girl and all the people who loved him.  28 is so young to say goodbye.

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  1. This is really so sad. I was never disappointed watching his movies and thought he had a bright future in cinema, but alas he is gone now. I have never really sympathized to 6the death of somebody famous until now. So sad.

  2. River Phoenix and Brandon Lee both hit me hard. I had such a hard time watching The Crow and several Phoenix movies were favorites that I can’t watch now–like Sneakers and Running on Empty.

  3. Rinda, the evening that my sister and I saw “Showdown in Little Toyko” was the evening he died. We finished watching the movie – I think we rented it out, turned over to the news, and there was the report. We freaked out. It was so surreal.

    I do hope that they find Heath’s death was accidental and not suicide.

  4. I am sending mental hugs to you right now. Reading that you actually had a manuscript involving him makes you a serious fan. Not that I am not, but still. Hugs, hugs.

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