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Pointless Ramble–Except for Music!

I like WordPress, especially now that they’ve upped the amount of “free” space for images.  I have tons of images stored here and they’re only using up 3 percent!  I also like that I can put anything I want on the tabbed pages above.  I get a lot of traffic to Valen and the Norse.

But I hate that I can’t install a sitemeter.  WordPress has a blogstats page that keeps track of how many hits you get and it shows what pages people check out, what links they click on to leave.

But, I’ll have over 200 visitors and the side only shows me where seven of them came from. I’d love to know why so many visit the rough fiction and how they are finding out about it.  Unfortunately, a lot of my visits are from searches–especially for the band Cocorosie.  I have a publicity shot in one of the posts and I get over 30 visits a day off that pic alone. 

I’m thinking of deleting it to see how my numbers would shrink. 😉  As it is, it wasn’t the most flattering post about their music. 

So, do you find yourself checking the stats on visitors?  Do you find the search strings funny? 

Today’s most interesting search string was “Surreal in her belly button.” 

There were a couple of search strings that creeped me out.  But then, I think about some that I’ve done for research purposes.

Another interesting search today so far is disgruntled lesbians–which cracks me up until I remember that phrase was uttered by a bigoted character in the Norse story above.  I made sure to point out that he had a nasty disposition, so hopefully people get it. 

To be honest, I used the term to make fun of  a family member.  That phrase is how he describes a lot of my favorite music.  He’s not bigoted or he wouldn’t be allowed to hang out here–he just likes to push my buttons.  

Here is a not-anywhere-close-to-full list of musicians or bands that make up this sound he’s labeled.  Three very different sounds for the videos.  Wish I could have found a different song for Baxter, but I always liked the beat.  😉

A Girl Called Eddy


Po’ Girl
Jonatha Brooke


This song will break your heart–there is so much emotion in the words, “Is this all?  Can I go now?”
Over the Rhine
Ann Brun

Fiona Apple
Rachel Sage

Okay, this list could go on forever.  I was so tempted to put up videos for them all, but I can’t imagine the load time for some.  Check them out if you have time. 

I’ve been in a softer, “feel good” sort of music mood lately.  My head banger stuff has been set aside for more relaxing, soothing sounds.  I’m too agitated over having to lie down so often during this recovery. I stupidly went grocery shopping on Monday and wow, that set me back nearly twenty-four hours.   

It’s hard to write lying flat on your back.


  1. February 22, 2008    

    They don’t load that fast so I will see them if my feed and speed goes higher eventually. On nights it’s hard since everyone is using the net. Anyways 200 visitors is wow! I bet it’s not just about the picks though!

  2. Ken Ken
    February 22, 2008    


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