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Valentine Hodgepodge


 How about a bunch of strange Valentine’s Day offerings?  Who wants the same old boring stuff.  Well… except for chocolate.  Rachel sent me some of these for my surgical recovery and I made the hubby go out and get more since they go away after VDay.  The ones she sent are filled with white chocolate.  I’m having one right now.


Here is some excellent, sexy music for your Valentine’s Day pleasure!  I’ve been a fan since I first heard Last Girl on Earth (man I wanted that video to post here but couldn’t find one! ;( ) and I was probably one of the first to buy this new album on its release this week. <g> Okay, maybe only a few tracks should be put on repeat for the sexy stuff–some of it might be a bit, er, fast….


And here is an ideal gift for my friend, Gena Showalter


Pug-nacious Love Pug.  To understand why, visit her blog.  I guarantee there will be a pic of her new baby there. 😉 (Edit:  Yes, I’m aware her dog is not a pug.  I just didn’t find an English Bulldog dressed in heart nappies.)

Or for the dog…


The Smooch Pooch dog toy.  Looks like they are out of this one.  So sorry for those who just gotta have this.  <wg>

I typed in something like romantic soaps because I was looking for a specific naughty soap maker I found some time back.  Couldn’t find her, but I was amazed at how many places offer soap as a romance gift.  Soap shaped like hearts, like roses and uh, female and male parts.  Nothing says I love you, but… like giving soap.


Personally, if a man is going to give me soap, give me something I’d really use.  Like these.


Creepy baby hand soap.  Fun!  Perfect for the guest bathroom.


Okay, for my embarrassing Valentine admission… I’ll admit to liking the Bee Gees.  Sometimes, my sisters and I will have some wine and play all the Bee Gees songs and sing and dance.  We are complete and utter dorks.  But honestly, I even like the stuff they made before the disco phase–love that stuff actually.  Have you ever heard Al Green sing How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?  First heard it in Notting Hill. 

But, since I brought up Supreme Beings of Leisure, here is a little video that showcases a musical remix they did of How Deep is Your Love.



  1. February 14, 2008    

    Wow! The whole Valentine craze has reached your blog too, but I can’t blaim the people, who like the day. The music video was superb though and I envy you for the nice liquidy chocolate! Sounds so yummy. Lindt are chocolate gods!

  2. February 14, 2008    

    Love the baby hands. I’d love to have some of those in the bathroom. Might creep out Lori though. Carol

  3. February 15, 2008    

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Rinda! Creepy baby hands!

    Oh, the Bee Gees…*sigh*. I got to see them in concert. Mom, Barney and I went and had 4th row tickets! Mmmm, Barry Gibb aka “Lion-O”. lol. I drooled during the whole concert!

    Oh, went by Cafe Press. You have so many new designs. When my taxes come back, I’m going shopping.

    Love ya!

  4. February 15, 2008    

    Happy V-day! 🙂

    (Those truffles are to die for. Too good!))

  5. February 15, 2008    

    Those baby hands cracked me up! But I’d have fun and leave them all over the place to freak people out. Hope they come back into stock soon. 😉

  6. February 15, 2008    

    I LOVE the BeeGees!!! I think I still have some of their records. Can’t play them, but I have them. I also have them on mp3 so I can sing and boogie like a dork while cleaning and writing.


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