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Off and Running!


It’s a holiday and I have a lot of family coming over today.  They plan to celebrate this new success in my writer’s journey and okay, there’s the birthday thing tomorrow. 

My agent (And yes, I’m sooo getting off on saying that!) is already proving to be the go-getter I knew she was.  She thinks a polished proposal for book two is a good idea.  So I’ve spent more than twelve hours a day in my office the last two days. 

I still have a job that pays the bills–one I do at home–and let me tell you, it was excruciatingly hard to concentrate this week.  I ended up doing that job into the wee hours of every single morning. 

The cool thing?  When I finished that, I was so incredibly excited about jumping into the writing. It’s no longer just for me which is honestly a bit daunting… but…most of you know I freakin’ love a challenge. 😉

So, I stayed up late last night reworking my synopsis for book two.  I’ve already completed the rewrites Miriam sent on book one and there weren’t many, but I got caught up in my own story.  Its been a little while since I read it straight through and with her notes, it was like reading it with fresh eyes.

It made me realize my rudimentary synop for book two wasn’t good enough.  So I pulled out research books and did one of those association pages where you just write ideas around a central theme. 

The idea was already there, percolating, but actually sitting down with paper and books helped to open it wide. 

So, I’ll be cramming the next couple of days and though Rachel is on a hectic deadline herself, she agreed to give the proposal a quick once over for me before it goes off with book one.  Any of you who know Rachel, know a quick once-over is so not her style.  This should be very interesting 😉

But today, I’ve given myself permission to enjoy the family.  Okay, I got up early to work.  Just a little… And I’ll come back tonight after everyone leaves… 

Oh, we all know where my mind will be!  My friend, Sharon Sala, told me this week.  “Ride it out.  This is one of the most exciting times of this career.”  And yeah, okay, she called me Sweet Pea.   I see I need to work on my cool, urban fantasy author image with this writer’s group. <g>


  1. Lisa Trevethan Lisa Trevethan
    March 23, 2008    

    Happy Easter! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family. I’ll be heading over to my inlaws later today myself.

    Question: Did you write short stories while you were writing a full length novel or did you do them at different times?

    Thanks Rinda!

    ps – Agent! I bet it won’t get old for a good, long time. 😉

  2. March 23, 2008    

    I set the short story writing aside while finishing Dweller. I worked on a couple, but really felt any time I had for writing should go to one project.

    I hope to be able to write full time again at some point and when that happens, I do want to set a day a week aside for it. I love writing in that form and have some great contacts. I might instead work on a couple of shorts in between books.

  3. March 23, 2008    

    Happy Easter to you! I’ve loved reading you blog up ’til now, and I think I’m going to love it even more now. 🙂 I love hearing about every step of this process.

  4. March 24, 2008    

    You are so going to laugh when you get my delivery, “Sweat Pea”… 😉

    Happy Easter. Happy Birthday. Happy newly agented honeymoon…

    Big Hugs!

  5. March 24, 2008    

    Happy Easter and Happy Birthday! This Easter has been busy for many people I think – my anniversary too! Have a great time with your family and wallow in their pleasure for your success.

    And yes, I am blogging again but not on writing at the moment – I’ve moved on to other creative pursuits because I just don’t get time to sit and write with little miss almost-4 year old. I always read your blog (bloglines is a wonderful thing that you recommended a long time ago) as I have always enjoyed reading what you write. Looks like we’ll get to read more in the future and not just online!

  6. March 24, 2008    

    Heather, I just realized I wrote sweat pea. Ew. That’s what I get for hurrying.

    Elaine, I saw your drawings and it seems you have some wonderful talent there!

    Karen, I hope you do stay along for the ride… and I hope you like the books once they’re out. 🙂

  7. March 24, 2008    

    Have a happy, happy birthday and stay excited about everything. Can’t wait to hold the book in my hands and to see what the cover will look like. Carol

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