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Plot Board and Research Find!

I pulled out the white board.  While I’m waiting to hear back on DOTT and BOAA, I’ve been outlining an idea for another series.  Funny enough, the characters in this one are coming from BOAA.  I haven’t yet written the scene, but they showed up in my imagination with a supernatural force-snerk-but seriously, I can see them so clearly.

This is one of the most interesting and exciting things about writing.  That spark of something that raises the hair on your arms and forms a knot in your chest.   You know you’re onto something and instinct tells you that something is really, really good.

These characters will show up briefly in BOAA, but they are too alive to just let go after that.  I knew instantly they needed their own book or even books.  So, they’ve been exploring my mind while I take notes on them.  Now, it’s time for the board.  I normally don’t pull it out until I’ve written through chapter three.  Gonna try it differently this time and see what happens. 

Oh!  I realize a lot of you read my attempt to get a “filtering heavy emotion from real life into your writing” post going and grew concerned.  Yes, some things made me pretty angry this past week or so–but strong emotion is good for a person–especially a writer.  I ended up with a killer fight scene. <g>  Though the post had plenty of time to make the rounds, I went ahead and deleted it.  I’m really good.  Like I said, when life hands you stress, use it.  Put it on paper.  😉

I also took a break this week and wandered around B&N and lookie what I found!

The Element Encyclopedia of the Psychic World.  In a bargain bin of all places.  I can’t wait to dive into it!


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  1. Carol Shenold Carol Shenold
    April 25, 2008    

    Love that you have a new series idea, can’t wait to hear about it. Ande is having a fit for me to get back to telling her story, she’s not leaving me alone and if I’m not careful Tali will get jealous, not to mention Mumsie and both spirit guides, you know how they can be.

    I’m sorry someone hurt you and yours but a little healthy anger can be OK, especially when it can be used in a positive way. C

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