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Distracted Writers Can be Dangerous

Quite a few of my buds are in Pittsburgh at the RT convention and I can’t wait for the pics to start popping up on the Net.  (Looks like the Smart Bitches plan to blog daily on the happenings–which should be a riot!)

Since I’m not there, I was thinking quiet time for writing.  

Ended up spending most of the week working double time at the payjob I do here at home because there were a lot of interruptions.  The daughter has a stomach flu.  Poor thing.  Is there anything worse than constant nausea?? 

Yet, I still managed to fit in writing because it’s just what I do.  Worked some on a short piece I’m planning to submit to Apex.  Man, it’s wickedly dark and I actually made myself gag. 


But, I am going back and forth on two separate book length projects.  

On one hand, both book one (DOTT) and a proposal of book two (BOAA) are making the editor rounds.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain the plethora of see-sawing emotions this creates.  It’s a fun ride–I’ll tell you that.

I’m DYING to dive into BOAA because the story is actually living and breathing at all times for me.  I can see the scenes clearly, character conversations are flowing out of my mouth no matter what I’m doing.  My son has been giving me strange looks and can you blame him?  I stopped the vacuum to carry out a complete two-sided conversation.  Alone.  Before running off to write it down.  That vacuum sat there for hours.  <g>

There’s still the question of what prospective editors might want as far as changes in BOAA… and even in DOTT.  I may be new at series writing, but it was clear right away that it’s all about the layers.   But just in case they like BOAA as is–I’ve gone ahead and outlined more scenes.  Done a ton of reading on the settings.

Luckily, I really look forward to getting these answers.  A.  Lot. 

I’ve also started outlining another series idea.  Some characters showed up in that living and breathing BOAA and they intrigued me enough to do a little research in their area.  That’s all it took.  Research never fails to make the ideas flow.  I’m already planning a road trip because I brought up the idea to my critique partner, Rachel Vincent, and she agreed that an author shot would be perfect in this place.  I should make her go with.  With her recent YA series sale and her future werecat books, her schedule this year will be intense.  (We’re both oddly eager for all the work–weirdos, we certainly are.)

Suppose I could drive and she could hammer on her laptop.

Right now, Jill Monroe is wincing.  She let me drive on a road trip once.  Once.  (Years ago.) 

Christy Jenkins might be hyperventilating because she let me drive several times.  She’s very brave. 

Ammanda McCabe  always makes me drive and that fact alone has made me big time wary of letting her take the wheel.

It’s not that I’m a terrible driver.  Never had a ticket or accident–I just get easily distracted by those one person two-sided dialogues…<g>


  1. April 17, 2008    

    Mark Henry posted pics to FFF this morning. Rachel is in the last one. 🙂

  2. April 17, 2008    

    Yay pics! I should have asked for readers to share all pics they find.

    You must have read my mind. 😉

  3. April 17, 2008    

    Odd question…

    Is your snark banner in the upper right really black? It looks brown to me. (I also thought my last blog template was brown, but you and even my husband said that it was black.)

    I’ve been having a difficult time with dark browns, blacks,and blues. Makes clothes shopping a bitch.

  4. April 17, 2008    

    It could be the monitor. I’ve pulled the Snark up on three monitors this morning and it looks black in all of them to me. It did look brown on a friend’s laptop, tho.

    Is the Trust the Night cover to the right black?

  5. April 17, 2008    

    TTN looks black to me.

    I don’t think it’s my monitor because hubs checked it out on my laptop and said it looked black. I’m the one that’s defective. 😉

    I’m not avoiding chores or anything…

  6. April 17, 2008    

    Sweetie, you couldn’t be defective if you tried. Maybe you just prefer brown. Could have something to do with all that pink you like…

    Yeah, I’m late for my workout. Was hunting RT pics and my schedule is already intense today. Be back online later!

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