I feel like I’ve been in a fight.  Swam yesterday and was having a blast going down a slide with my friend’s daughter.  But I went over and over and at some point, the bottom of the pool tore my feet up.  Plus, you use a lot of muscles playing in the water.  Muscles used to my butt being parked in this office chair.   😉
Then, the hubby and I were awakened all night by this thing! 
I set it to only go off if my county is in danger, but no, it must go off and talk for eight minutes if all the surrounding counties are in danger as well.  You have to hit a button to shut the thing off, but the alarm is so loud, I’ve already been jerked out of bed completely by the noise in the first place. 

The hubby bought it for me because I stay up all night during spring and early summer storms.  My kids sleep upstairs and I want to know when I need to get them downstairs ahead of time.  Sleeping while a tornado is headed our way is a big fear of mine.   So, he thought this would ease my mind.  Last night a crack of thunder was so loud, he woke and came looking for me. 

I was, of course, watching the live news in the living room with the sound down low to keep from waking him.  He mentioned the radio was supposed to keep me informed so I’d sleep.  I just smiled and said old habits are hard to break.  So, he curled up with me on the couch.  Poor guy–he starts a new job today and I think he only got about three hours of sleep. 

It’s nearly impossible to sleep during loud thunder and seventy to eighty mile winds.   Sounds like a war going on outside.  From the looks of things this morning, it looks like it did, too.