Weekend Quote

“Black are the brooding clouds and troubled the deep waters, when the Sea of Thought, first heaving from a calm, gives up its Dead”

Charles Dickens


Note:  I’ve changed the amount of posts that load on this page to hopefully make reader loading time better.  As XDell pointed out, I’m highly visual so I doubt I’ll ever drop sharing the eye treats. 🙂   Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. 

0 thoughts on “Weekend Quote”

  1. Visual memory makes for a great writer. Just offering an explanation, you understand:-)

    Hmm. That photo gives me an idea for a short story. Either that, or the photo on your page gives me ideas.

  2. I love the soft light of this image. I’d set up a lounge chair in that spot and work on a laptop.

    Still working on the great writer part. 😉

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